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Guide Sensmart

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Guide Thermal Imaging

Guide Sensmart are China’s largest and longest standing producer of thermal imaging products. With over 20 years of experience in the development, manufacture, and marketing of infrared thermal night vision products for commercial applications. Their products include thermal night vision monoculars, binoculars, clip-on systems and thermal weapon sights and are widely applied in outdoor observation, security & surveillance, law enforcement, firefighting, search and rescue & conservation applications.  


Thermal Imaging & Night Vision Products

Digital Vision Products

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Guide TD Gen2 Series - NEW!
The TD Gen2 Series adheres to the classic design of conventional optical devices. It boasts a lightweight and portable build, ensuring easy handling across various scenarios for handheld thermal imaging monoculars. Featuring a high-intensity OLED display, the TD Gen2 Series offers vivid imagery and a pleasant viewing encounter. Its extended battery life, lasting up to 10 hours, positions it as the perfect choice for nocturnal outdoor vision. The TD Gen2 Series includes the TD211, TD411, TD421 and the TD431.

End of Life Guide TD Series

Guide TD Gen LRF Series Banner

Guide TD Gen2 LRF Series - NEW!
Introducing the TD Gen2 LRF Series, a pioneering range of entry-level handheld thermal imaging monoculars in the industry. Building upon the traits of its predecessor—lightness, portability, user-friendliness, and durability—it seamlessly incorporates a cutting-edge laser rangefinder module for precise target detection within a 600-meter range. Boasting an OLED display, it delivers crisp visuals and a pleasurable viewing encounter, establishing it as the optimal choice for nocturnal outdoor vision while preserving the essence of its predecessor's attributes. The TD Gen2 LRF Series includes: TD411 LRF, TD421 LRF, TD431 LRF
and the TD631 LRF

Guide TrackIR Series - Now End of Life
The Guide TrackIR thermal night vision monocular series features a 400x300 IR sensor and 1280x960 HD display. The Guide TrackIR series captures sharp thermal imaging at a 50Hz framerate for smooth vision. Designed to increase situational awareness for different scenes, the TrackIR series features adjustable image quality settings, extended zoom capabilities, picture-in-picture functions and more. The Track IR series are encased in a rugged IP-66 rated housing, delivers over 5 hours of battery life, and provides access to multiple software functions allowing single-handed operation in the toughest conditions, equipping law enforcement professionals, security operators, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts with reliable thermal imaging to see in absolute darkness. The TrackIR series includes the TrackIR 35mm and the TrackIR Pro 35mm.

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Guide TK Series
Equipped with Guide’s new self-developed infrared detector and the patented image processing technology, the TK Gen2 Kitalpha Series captures sharp imaging and is packed with powerful features including image/video recording, smooth zoom, pseudo-color adjustment, approximate ranging and PIP. The Guide TK series personalized image observation supports different scene modes. The built-in laser indicator and illuminator facilitate operation in the harshest of environments. The TK Series includes: TK421, TK431, TK451, TK611, TK621 & TK631.

Guide TN Series banner

Guide TN Series
The Guide TN Normae Series has a classic binocular design, greatly reducing fatigue during long hours of surveillance. The Guide TN thermal imaging night vision binocular series comprises of a high-sensitivity VOx uncooled IR detector, ensuring high quality imagery and an immersive experience with full color OLED 1024×768 high-definition display. A variety of functions to meet all your needs, including taking photos, videos, WIFI, laser ranging, GPS, compass, and more. The TN Series includes: TN450 and the TN650.

Guide TA Series Banner

Guide TA Gen2 Series
Showcasing advanced thermal imaging detectors with resolutions of 400×300 and 640x480 pixels, paired with HD OLED displays, the TA Gen2 introduces imagery of unparalleled excellence, characterized by heightened contrast and intricate detailing. Despite its compact and lightweight design, this attachment revolutionizes battery technology, empowering it to operate continuously for extended durations. Enhanced by an array of valuable features, it serves as a genuine thermal enhancement, transforming day scopes into formidable thermal imaging aiming systems. The TA Gen2 Series includes: TA421, TA431, TA451, TA621, TA631 & TA651.

Guide TR Series Banner

Guide TR Series
The TR Series presents a budget-friendly civilian infrared thermal imaging scope, utilizing a high-sensitivity thermal detector with a choice of three distinct lens options: 25mm, 35mm, and 50mm. Boasting a remarkable 384 × 288 IR resolution, the TR Series delivers crisp and intricate visuals while maintaining precision. This thermal scope, marked by its compact dimensions, waterproof and dustproof design, exceptional shock resistance, and overall rugged durability, excels even in the most challenging weather conditions.. The TU Series includes the TR420, TR430 & the TR450.

Guide TU420 Thermal Scope
Guide TU430 Thermal Scope
Guide TU450 Thermal Scope

Guide TU Series Banner

Guide TU Series
The Guide TU Thermal Scope retains the appearance of a traditional daylight scope and perfectly integrates latest premium thermal imaging technology. The TU series design accommodates long-term operations of hunters. The TU series comprises of a 400x300 high- sensitivity thermal detector with a 25mm lens and 10 setting options for zero calibration configuration making it convenient to switch between different instruments. The TU Series includes: TU420, TU430, TU450, TU620, TU630 & TU650.

Guide TU420 Thermal Scope
Guide TU430 Thermal Scope
Guide TU450 Thermal Scope
Guide TU620 Thermal Scope
Guide TU630 Thermal Scope
Guide TU650 Thermal Scope

Guide DN Series Banner

Guide DN Series
The DN30 Handheld Digital Binoculars offer an exceptional viewing experience with 4K ultra-high-definition visuals. Featuring a 3840x2160@2μm moonlight low-light CMOS sensor and a 1920x1080 AMOLED display, these binoculars deliver stunning images day and night. In well-lit conditions, the 4K low-light detector enhances color rendition, ensuring vivid and detailed images. For low-light scenarios such as dawn, dusk, or nighttime, activate the infrared fill light to pierce through darkness, allowing for observation, identification, and monitoring of distant targets with ease.

Guide TU630 Thermal Scope

Guide DR30

Guide DR Series
The Guide DR30 offers unparalleled day and night vision capabilities in a professional-grade scope. Equipped with a high-performance 1920×1080@4μm CMOS sensor and a 35mm lens, it provides an expansive field of view measuring 12.5°×7.06°. The 1920×1080 full HD OLED display ensures crystal-clear viewing in any lighting condition.

Featuring a reliable 18650 Li-ion battery, the DR Series delivers up to 6 hours of continuous operation, ensuring uninterrupted performance during your hunting expeditions.

Guide TU630 Thermal Scope

Guide DR30

Guide DU Series
The DU50 Digital Day & Night Vision Scope by Guid is designed for professional hunting, this high-performance device features a high-sensitivity 1920x1080/4µm CMOS Sensor, ensuring outstanding image quality. The full-color HD 1920x1080 OLED display provides impeccable detail, catering to the needs of discerning users. With its advanced dual battery system, the DU50 offers up to 15 hours of non-stop operation, making it the ideal companion for extended hunting sessions.

Guide TU630 Thermal Scope

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