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FLIR Thermal Automation Camera Systems

FLIR provides thermal automation imaging cameras, software, and services to make your condition monitoring, early fire detection, or process control monitoring system a reality.

FLIR thermal automation systems feature a combination of fixed mount thermal cameras and software tools, specifically designed for real-time processing and analytics of temperature data from every pixel within the scene.

There is a wide range of automation and industrial safety applications for FLIR high-performance thermal imaging solutions. New applications emerge every year as more industries identify a need for thermal imaging to:

  • Find temperature problems before they lead to failures.
  • Prevent costly production stops.
  • Spot process anomalies that can flag dangerous situations early, improving safety in the workplace.

Automated FLIR applications are most prolific in condition monitoring, early fire detection, and process control monitoring/quality assurance. To find out more about our thermal automation applications please visit our thermal applications page.

Our team of thermal experts at GoThermal are available to assist you with thermal automation solutions.

Choosing a Thermal Automation Camera System

FLIR systems offer the largest range of thermal automation cameras to suit your monitoring requirements. Understanding the application requirements and specifying the correct camera for the project are of paramount importance. Our experienced sales staff are available to assist you with the best choice of thermal automation cameras and software for your thermographic automation application. Please find a guide to the FLIR automation camera series below.

Introducing the FLIR Thermal Automation Camera Systems


Combining thermal and visual cameras in a small, affordable package, the AX8 provides continuous temperature monitoring and alarming for uninterrupted condition monitoring of critical electrical and mechanical equipment.

FLIR A50 and A70 Thermal Image Streaming Cameras are the right choice for users who want camera control capabilities and image streaming over Ethernet, as well as flexibility to perform analytics and raw data collection on thermal characteristics using preferred software applications. With options for Wi-Fi, an integrated visual camera, compressed radiometric image streaming, and ONVIF S compatibility, these small and lightweight fixed-focus automation cameras will optimize process control and quality assurance to improve yield, product quality, through-put time, and lower costs.

The FLIR A400/A700 Thermal Smart Sensor Camera has the features that automation solution providers need for complex monitoring applications, including elevated skin temperature screening when used as an adjunct to other body temperature screening tools, critical infrastructure, product quality, and early fire detection. The Smart Sensor configuration includes multiple measurement tools and alarms while also providing computing-on-the-edge, with analytics performed at the camera level for immediate results. With a range of lens choices, motorized focus control, and unrivaled connectivity, A400/A700 cameras offer unmatched power and flexibility. Easy configuration allows you to tailor this monitoring system to your company’s quality, productivity, maintenance, and safety needs.

The FLIR GF77a Gas Find IR Thermal Camera is the first uncooled autonomous leak detection camera from FLIR designed specifically to visualize methane gas. This affordable, fixed-camera solution provides upstream and midstream gas processors, producers, or operators the features they need to continuously monitor for potentially dangerous, invisible methane leaks. Small and lightweight, the FLIR GF77a is packed with FLIR-patented features, such as High Sensitivity Mode (HSM), for improved gas visualization. The GF77a can help oil and gas companies maintain valuable capital equipment, avoid product loss, meet emissions reduction metrics, and ensure safer work practices.

Is now EOL, please see the new FLIR A400/A700. FLIR A300/A310 infrared cameras target safety and automation applications where networking capabilities and compliance with networking protocols are mission critical.

FLIR A310 EX is an ATEX compliant solution, with a thermal imaging camera mounted in an enclosure, making it possible to monitor critical and other valuable assets also in explosive atmospheres. Typical applications for the A310 ex include process monitoring, quality control, and fire detection in explosive locations. Because the FLIR A310 ex is rated IP 67, it can be installed in dusty environments. The Flame-Proof Enclosure "d"prevents any explosion transmission from the inside of the enclosure to the outside

FLIR A300 f/A310 f (fix-mounted) monitoring systems are designed to withstand harsh elements and remotely collect valuable data.

The FLIR A315 is a compact and affordable thermal imaging camera, fully controlled by a PC. Due to its compliance to standards, the FLIR A315 is Plug and Play with third-party machine vision software such as National Instruments, Cognex, Matrox, MVtec, and Stemmer Imaging.

The FLIR A315 f is a compact, affordable thermal imaging camera with an IP66-rated environmental housing. Features including GigE VisionTM and GeniCamTM compliance make the A315 f a natural choice for anyone who uses PC software to solve condition monitoring or fire prevention applications. The FLIR A315 is plug and play with third-party machine vision software such as IMAQ Vision and Halcon.

Is now EOL, the new FLIR A500-EST has replaced it. The FLIR A320 Tempscreen (9 Hz) is a camera preconfigured to work well in applications where you need to find temperature deviations in a population of people, utilizing difference temperature alarms with a dynamically updated reference temperature. In addition, the FLIR A320 Tempscreen provides an affordable and accurate temperature measurement solution for anyone who needs to solve problems that need built in “smartness” such as analysis, alarm functionality, and autonomous communication using standard protocols. The FLIR A320 Tempscreen also has all the necessary features and functions to build distributed single- or multi-camera solutions utilizing standard Ethernet hardware and software protocols.

The FLIR A500-EST is a non-contact screening tool that can serve as a first line of defense against potential health risks. This FLIR EST™ thermal screening solution detects and visualizes heat to quickly identify individuals with an elevated skin temperature. With a 464 × 348 pixel thermal detector and on-camera FLIR Screen-EST™ Mode, the A500-EST can be deployed as a single, standalone screening station or in a network. Compatibility with industry standards such as Modbus TCP, MQTT, RESTful API for data transfer and RTSP for video makes third-party integration easy. The camera can be connected to most Video Management Systems and is compatible with FLIR Screen-EST™ Desktop software.

The FLIR A35 is a thermal imaging temperature sensor for condition monitoring, process control/quality assurance, and fire prevention applications. The A35 integrates seamlessly into existing systems, offering comprehensive visual temperature monitoring. As part of the Ax5-Series, the A35 is among the only thermal imaging temperature sensors on the market to provide temperature linear output through GenICam™ compliant software.

Is now EOL, please see the new FLIR A50/A70. The FLIR A65 is a thermal imaging temperature sensor for process control/quality assurance, fire prevention, and condition monitoring that offers comprehensive visual temperature monitoring. The A65 integrates seamlessly into existing systems and provides temperature linear output through GenICam™ compliant software.

Is now EOL, please see the new FLIR A400/A700. The FLIR A615 is an easy-to-control, affordable, and compact thermal imaging camera for condition monitoring, process control/quality assurance, and fire prevention. This camera can be fully controlled by a PC, and is Plug and Play with third-party machine vision software such as National Instruments, Cognex, Matrox, MVtec, and Stemmer Imaging.

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