FLIR professional security products offer an unmatched, integrated end-to-end security system ranging from feature rich visible cameras to the most advanced thermal security cameras, open-platform software offerings and smarter analytics.

Superb perimeter protection from all directions in any conditions

Making the best even better, we’ve combined our most complete and advanced thermal cameras with United VMS, Cameleon Physical Security Information Management (PISM) software, and smart analytics. A feat that enforces complete protection from the most powerful and intelligent security system. As invaluable as peace of mind.

Protection and peace of mind for your entire infrastructure

Detect intruders, verify alarms, and gather forensic evidence with FLIR’s wide range of security solutions. United VMS merged with world-class thermal and high definition visible cameras, analytics and recorders protect what you value the most 24/7.

FLIR products help organizations deliver the best in class technology with consistent reliability and low false alarms

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