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FLIR Thermal Security Camera Systems

FLIR thermal security camera systems offer an unmatched, integrated end-to-end security system ranging from feature-rich visible cameras to the most advanced thermal security cameras, open-platform software offerings, and smarter video analytics to protect high-value assets and lives. FLIR thermal security cameras are available in fixed mount static and dual thermal/optical pan/tilt configurations.

Our team of thermal experts at GoThermal are available to assist you with quotations and the correct recommendation of thermal security cameras you need to tackle your security needs. Check out our range of premium thermal security surveillance products.

Choosing a Thermal Security Camera ?

FLIR thermal security cameras are the best choice for securing perimeters, offering perimeter intrusion detection and verification using advanced video analytics to detect intruders before problems occur. With the FLIR range of thermal security camera’s you will achieve superb perimeter protection from all directions in any conditions.
Making the best even better, FLIR combined their most complete and advanced thermal cameras with United VMS, Cameleon Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software, and smart video analytics. A feat that enforces complete protection from the most powerful and intelligent security system. As invaluable as peace of mind.
Detect intruders, verify alarms, and gather forensic evidence with FLIR’s wide range of security solutions. United VMS merged with world-class thermal and high definition visible cameras, analytics and recorders protect what you value the most 24/7.
FLIR products help organizations deliver the best in class technology with consistent reliability and low false alarms.
The FLIR Saros™ Dome combines multiple traditional perimeter protection technologies into a unified solution that delivers accurate, actionable alerts and verified alarm data. The Saros Dome includes multiple FLIR Lepton thermal sensors, a 1080p or 4K camera, IR and visible LED illuminators, advanced on-board analytics, two-way audio, and digital I/Os. FLIR Saros enables businesses to implement reliable, state-of-the-art outdoor intrusion detection in a cost-effective manner by minimizing the equipment required and reducing false alarms.

The FLIR Saros DM-Series introduces eight new VGA and QVGA resolution options to FLIR’s multi-sensor security lineup. Capable of capturing video in complete darkness, bright sunlight, and through smoke, dust, or light fog, the DM-Series provides superior perimeter protection in the toughest lighting and environmental conditions. A built-in 4K visible light camera operates alongside the thermal sensor to capture minute details in low light conditions. The DM-Series also integrates with the FLIR United Video Management System (UVMS), as well as other ONVIF-compliant video management systems. This gives users complete control over the all new dual-sensor viewing mode, alarm functions, and fully programmable preset tour.


The FLIR Ranger HDC MR sets a new standard for surveillance with its ability to detect illegal activities even in degraded weather conditions, utilizing embedded analytics and image processing to reduce the cognitive workload, enabling operators to distinguish quickly between true threats and false alarms. The HDC MR is not only a superior system in bad weather, it also provides increased uptime and reduces cyber risks -- a reliable tool that adds days of efficient surveillance and reduces risk compared to previous generations of systems.


The FLIR Ranger HDC MultiSensor system integrates the long range, mid-wave HD Ranger HDC with a variety of powerful daylight sensors, and optionally a Laser Range Finder, GPS, Digital Magnetic Compass, and Automatic Video Tracker. An array of advanced functions and options are available to meet the most demanding needs. All sensors on the Ranger HDC MultiSensor units are mounted on a fast and accurate Pan & Tilt unit.


The FLIR Ranger HDC is a RealHD thermal imager with a 1280x720 cooled detector. Featuring the FLIR Image Processing Engine, the Ranger HDC provides exceptional long range thermal imaging performance and 22x continuous optical zoom to maintain situational awareness for effective target assessment.

The FLIR Elara ™ FB-Series O and ID thermal cameras combine best-in-class thermal image detail whilst the FB-Series ID adds high performance on-board video analytics. Both combine affordability in a bullet-type form factor that is ideal for perimeter intrusion detection. FB-Series ID cameras on-board video analytics are capable of classifying human or vehicular intrusions, making them an ideal choice for monitoring commercial and industrial perimeters.

The FC-Series O and ID are FLIR’s premium, best-in-class thermal security cameras for superior perimeter protection. The FC-Series O and ID offers a wide range of high-performance lenses and multiple resolutions, giving greater flexibility for tailoring security systems to specific site conditions. The FC-Series ID includes on-board video analytics capable of classifying human or vehicular intrusions that dramatically reduces false alarms. The FC-Series O is designed for use with external video analytics, such as FLIR’s TRK or third-party solutions. Easy to set up, FC-Series ID cameras deliver superior perimeter protection in challenging environments and extreme conditions.


The FLIR PT-Series HD is the most advanced dual-sensor security system, combining a cooled or uncooled 640x480 resolution thermal sensor, a 1080p high-definition visible-light imaging sensor, and a high speed, precision pan/tilt system. The PT-Series HD integrates easily with FLIR United VMS, as well as other major third-party video management systems, making it an extremely versatile solution for critical infrastructure protection in total darkness, bright sun, and adverse conditions.


The FLIR Quasar™4K IR PTZ camera delivers crisp video quality with best-in-class low light capabilities and long-range IR illumination for exceptional performance. Designed for cybersecurity, the Quasar 4K IR PTZ features an updated web interface for secure access. Unifying the latest PTZ technology, optics, mechanics and seamless integration with video management systems, the Quasar 4K IR PTZ is the ideal end-to-end solution for city surveillance deployments, critical infrastructure, airports and other high-security outdoor applications.


The FLIR Elara™ DX-Series multispectral pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) security camera provides full situational awareness in the most punishing environments. Combining thermal and visible light imagers, the Elara DX-Series gives operators the ability to monitor large areas in complete darkness, glaring light, and adverse weather. The exceptional detection and identification capabilities of multispectral cameras help integrators provide solutions for challenging imaging problems at critical infrastructure sites and remote facilities.


FLIR Latitude video management system (VMS), is a reliable, enterprise-level software solution for video surveillance supporting an unlimited number of cameras over IP networks. Latitude features enhanced cybersecurity, edge device integration, and global administration. Users will experience a simplified discovery process and analytics setup of FLIR FC-Series ID thermal cameras. Automated PTZ tracking is also available with FLIR thermal PT and PTZ cameras.


The FLIR Cameleon Tactical advanced camera control system is designed to provide a highly-customizable, user-friendly environment for security and surveillance applications. Its strength is its ability to control virtually any number and combination of analog and IP devices from different manufacturers with point and click simplicity. Cameleon Tactical seamlessly integrates cameras, monitors, switchers, DVRs and a host of other types of devices. Custom-developed drivers provide easy integration of legacy equipment with new systems, helping ensure cost-effectiveness.

Protection and Peace of Mind for your Entire Infrastructure

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