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Infrared IR and Thermal Patches, Beacons and ID Markers Technology

Welcome to the forefront of cutting-edge technology in the world of Infrared (IR) and Thermal ID Markers, Patches, Beacons, and Technology. Our IR identification products are crafted from passive materials meticulously designed to absorb the entire visual light spectrum, reflecting only the vital infrared wavelengths, which can be tailored between 0.7-1.4 microns. These IR reflective wonders remain concealed until they are precisely activated by an IR laser or light source, revealing their secrets within a narrow-angle, only viewable from the IR source's perspective. Our Thermal ID panels and patches are designed for outdoor use, harnessing the thermal energy of the open sky, appearing as distinct cold areas on thermal devices, even amidst frigid temperatures. Furthermore, our passive, no-power boresighting tools and calibration targets cater to thermal sights, thanks to their natural thermal contrast, ensuring reliable outdoor performance in any weather conditions. Explore a world of covert identification and thermal precision with our state-of-the-art solutions, including beacons that enhance visibility and coordination in various operational scenarios.

Personal and vehicle infrared beacon signal lights represent indispensable tools in the field of covert operations and night vision technology. These discreet, yet powerful devices emit near-infrared (NIR) signals, often customized to remain hidden until illuminated by specific IR sources. Used for vehicle identification, coordination in convoys, and covert tracking, vehicle beacons enhance operational efficiency and safety. Personal IR beacons, on the other hand, provide vital location markers, ensuring team members, search dogs, and landmarks remain visible to those equipped with night vision devices. Together, they exemplify the fusion of advanced technology with operational excellence, making them essential assets in various mission-critical scenarios.

Personal Signal Beacon

Personal Infared Signal Beacon Lights

Night vision enhancement.
Search and rescue aid
Covert tracking.
Team member identification.
Outdoor adventure safety.

Vehicle signal Beacon light

Vehicle Infared Signal Beacon Lights

Convoy coordination.
Law enforcement marking.
Search and rescue support.
Covert vehicle tracking.
Security and surveillance identification.

Infrared Combat ID Patches (NVG, Image intensifiers, SWIR)


IR identification products made from a passive material engineered to absorb all visual light spectrum and reflect back only infrared. THE reflected IR wavelength can be customized ( 0.7-1.4 micron ). IR reflective products will remain covert and will be activated only when IR laser / light is pointed at. The reflected IR is returned in a narrow-angle and can only be observed from the IR source viewpoint.

IR IFF Squares

Custom made Infrared Call sign patches
Reversible callsign patches

Blood type patches

Personal blood type IR patches
Custom colors (Tan/OD/MultiCam)

IR Flags

IR Flags

Custom made Infrared flag patches for IFF identifications made from IR reflective material.
Velcro brand backing.
Custom logo, flag, letters and symbols

IR Callsign patches

IR Callsign patches

Custom made Infrared Call sign patches
Reversible callsign patches
Custom colors (Tan/OD/MultiCam) texts and symbols
Combined blood type & callsign
Airsoft / Paintball patches

Laser cut IR patches

Laser cut IR patches

Laser cut Cordura flag and callsign IR patches
Custom fabrics and hybrid combinations

Dual IR patches

Dual IR patches

IR flag with two different modes: visual and Infrared
Any custom color and design

Photoluminescent ID

Photoluminescent ID

High-level long luminance (glow in the dark)
Luminous patches
helmet cat eyes
Fused IR & Luminous ID patches
Reflective & Luminous patches – NEW

Vehicle IR markers

Vehicle IR markers

V marker for Vehicles
Magnetic or adhesive-backed
NATO standard, custom size and shape


Thermal ID panels and patches made from a passive material, intended for outdoor use, when exposed to open sky will reflect thermal energy of the sky ( on a clear day sky temperature can drop to -30oc) and appear as a contrasting cold area on the thermal device. Same material for 3-5 micron & 8-12 micron.

Thermal ID patches

Thermal ID patches

Custom made Thermal ID patches for IFF identifications
Velcro brand backing.
Custom shape and size

Thermal Combat ID Tape

Thermal Vehicle ID

Rooftop ID markers for thermal vision devices
Magnetic or adhesive backing
Letters and numbers
Custom size, shape and colors
Fusion Vehicle markers


Passive, no power boresighting, calibration and shooting targets for thermal sights made from a unique material that has natural thermal contrast – suitable for any weather for outdoor use. Supplied with or without adhesive backing including repair patches.


Tanks, Jeeps, trucks silhouettes for thermal
and day sights.
All Vehicles can be custom made up to real 1:1 size
Photo and Thermal realistic vehicles.

Thermal Targets for Indoor

The new patented technology of thermal targets for indoor shooting range use.

Distributors are wanted – contact the marketing department for more details.

Calibration and Zeroing

Calibration and Zoning

Standard and custom Calibration and Zeroing
Passive thermal targets.
Long-range thermal calibration and boresighting thermal targets.
Infrared stereo calibration targets.
Multispectral zeroing


Figures and silhouettes for shooting range.
Half and full man, AK 47 and M16.
Head targets.
‘E’ type targets.
Sleeve thermal targets
Photo and Thermal Realistic targets.
Repair patches for hot and cold zones.
Standard and custom targets.

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