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Thermal Scopes

Thermal Rifle ScopeS - READ BEFORE YOU BUY  

We offer only the highest quality thermal rifle scopes from leading brands Guide Sensmart, AGM Global Vision, and General Starlight Company Inc.

Our thermal rifle scope products have been selected based on the pedigree of the manufacturers, their high standards of electro-optical equipment they produce and their experience and professionalism in manufacture and supply of Sporting, Military and Law Enforcement products. Our thermal scopes on offer ensure many years of trouble-free operation in the most demanding environments.

Our sales team are skilled in the specification of thermal sensors and lens sizes and will assist you with the correct thermal scope for your application. Our team are available to inform and assist you with permit requirements for thermal rifle scopes. is a TeleEye (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd owned website. TeleEye (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd, are a DCAC registered importer and dealer of thermal electro-optical equipment, Due to the sensitive nature of thermal weapon sights which are Munitions List classified, thermal rifle scopes displayed on this website cannot be purchased online and are sold on a consultative basis. Please contact our sales team for quotations and assistance.

Our Thermal Rifle Scope Brands

Guide Sensmart are China’s largest and longest standing producer of thermal imaging products. With over 20 years of experience in the development, manufacture, and marketing of infrared thermal night vision products for commercial applications. Their products include thermal night vision monoculars, binoculars, clip-on systems and thermal weapon sights and are widely applied in outdoor observation, security & surveillance, law enforcement, firefighting, search and rescue & conservation applications.  

AGM Global Vision military-grade thermal weapon sights are built to last, with a quality construction and host of feature that enable our customers to feel safe, adaptable, and fully in control during covert operations, territory exploration, routine enforcement, and everything in between. Our thermal weapon sights are water and fog-resistant, and always created for the most demanding tactical professionals. AGM Global Vision customers know that our products offer superior quality and exceptional performance that’s low-maintenance and cost-effective.

General Starlight Company Inc. is the leading Canadian manufacturer of electro-optical equipment, establishing itself at the forefront of the evolving Night Vision and Thermal Imaging industry. Since 1992, the brand has continuously offered the most advanced specifications and unique features found in the expansive field of low light electro-optics. These achievements have cemented the GSCI name within the international Military and Law-Enforcement markets by improving the effectiveness of government operatives in unfavorable visibility conditions.

What You Need To Know Before Buying a Thermal Rifle Scope In South Africa

This information is provided in the interests of protecting our industry from international product embargoes, protecting law abiding gun owners from unknowingly incriminating themselves, and to help curb the trade in illicit weapons emanating from South Africa.

  • Thermal Rifle Scopes (Thermal Weapon Sights) are 'Controlled Items' under The Wassenaar Arrangement of which South Africa is a participating state.
  • Thermal Rifle Scopes are classified as Munitions List items under The Wassenaar Arrangement.
  • Thermal Rifle Scopes designed for sporting and hunting are classified as ML1D. This category includes thermal weapon sights designed for sporting and hunting, irrespective of the item being specifically designed for military use or not. (ML1d5 and ML1d6)

Extract From Wassenaar Classification List of Controlled Munitions List Items 

Wassenaar ML1D cCassification Reference

  • - Thermal Rifle Scopes designed for military use are classified as ML15D.
  • - Munitions List classification applies to ALL Thermal Rifle Scopes entering the country irrespective of country of manufacture / origin and their local laws (or lack of).
  • - The National Conventional Arms Control Act 41 of 2002 sets out the laws governing dealing, brokering, marketing, servicing and possession of Munitions List items which includes Thermal Rifle Scopes.
  • - Contravention of the NCAC Act is a serious offence.
  • - It is a CRIME to trade in controlled items such as Thermal Weapon Sights if you are not registered with the Secretariat of the Committee (DCAC - Directorate Conventional Arms Control), and you are not in possession of a permit authorised by the Committee. A person or entity may not market, advertise, quote on thermal rifle scopes without a DCAC Marketing Permit - - Demand to see a dealers valid DCAC Registration Certificate and Marketing Permit if they advertise or claim to broker Thermal Weapon Sights.

Extract from NCAC Act 41 of 2002

NCAC Act 41 of 2002 - registration certificate

NCAC Act 41 of 2002 - Marketing PermitNCAC act 41 of 2002 - Possession Permit


To avoid any confusion or doubts, the following thermal scope weapon sight specifications were submitted to DCAC for classification and have been confirmed Munitions List items as per the classification letter. The makes and models submitted are as follows:

Pard SA45LRF Thermal Weapon Sight- This model was chosen as it is one of the most basic and entry level thermal scopes available to the South African market. This serves as a baseline for modern entry level thermal scope specifications and the classification outcome would cover the specifications for higher model scopes meeting or exceeding this minimum specification. Most thermal weapon sights currently available exceeed this specification - OUTCOME = CLASSIFIED ML

Hikmicro Panther LRF-P50L Thermal Weapon Sight - This model was chosen based on its popularity amongst misinformed dealers and end users and the ease of availability from South African websites, some retail stores and dealer channels with no controls whatsoever - OUTCOME = CLASSIFIED ML

Guide Sensmart TR450 Thermal Weapon Sight - Our entry level thermal scope. This specification and classification would serve for all our higher models exceeding this specification - OUTCOME = CLASSIFIED ML

  • - It is a CRIME to possess a Thermal Weapon Sight if you are not DCAC registered and do not have the necessary permit.
  • - Many reputable dealers in South Africa are newcomers to thermal imaging technologies and are totally unaware that thermal products entering the country must be classified under The Wassenaar List. The Wassenaar List clearly stipulates thermal and scopes with electronic processing under the Munitions List (ML) categories. This lack of knowlege on the dealers behalf will unfortunatley incriminate you if you purchase the thermal weapon sight without the compulsory DCAC Registration Certificate and Possession Permit.
  • - A product does not need to be designed specifically for Military Use to qualify as a Munitions List (ML) item. See Wassenaar categories ML1d5 versus ML1d6 as an example. It stipulates both non-military use and military use products.  
  • - Don't be misled by illegal dealers and online websites, who are not informing the public as to the laws governing the handling of these products to protect their profiteering interests. If you are caught in possession of these items they will not come to your aid and you will be charged with illegal possession. It is your responsibility to know and understand the laws governing Munitions List items and Thermal Weapon Sights in South Africa.
  • - Don't be misled by illegal dealers brokering well known brand names who claim their Thermal Rifle Scopes are not Munitions List items. If it is weapon mountable , has electronic processing and a thermal FPA . and contains a reticle either internally or externally, it must be regarded as an ML item unless they can produce a letter issued by the DCAC Technical Committee stating otherwise. The onus is on the importer to have their products technically assessed by the DCAC for local classification prior to importing and brokering.
  • - Don't be misled by illegal dealers claiming that their lawyers say it's fine for them to broker Thermal Rifle Scopes without the necessary Registration Certificate and permits. Only the DCAC technical committee can provide you the correct classification of a Thermal Rifle Scope. For products that are not classified when entering the country, for instance those eminating from China, the dealer MUST produce the classification letter issued by DCAC that states the item is not Muntions List classified.
  • If a dealer claims that a Thermal Rifle Scope is not an ML classified item, then it must be a "Dual-Use" classified item. They must then provide you with the Dual-Use classification category. Check the category against The Wassennaar Dual-Use List to make sure it makes sense.  
  • - Don't be misled by illegal dealers stating that they have obtained their export permits or did not require export permits from country of manufacture, eg China. Export permits from country of manufacture are only one part of the process. The laws governing import into South Africa, The Wassenaar Arrangement and The NCAC Act must be abided. DCAC registration and permits are compulsory as per the NCAC Act.
  • - Don't be misled by illegal dealers claiming they are brokering Thermal Rifle Scopes as a dealer of a local manufacturer or importer who is DCAC registered. Each person or company that acts as a middleman or reseller and markets or handles munitions list items in South Africa are required to be DCAC registered and hold the necessary permits for brokering, marketing , servicing or possession.
  • - Don't be misled by illegal dealers claiming that their Thermal Rifle Scopes do not require possession permits because their Policeman friend , Station Commander, Friend who works for The Hawks or even Cabinet Minister they spoke to says so. (We have heard it all). Only the DCAC Technical Committee can do so and will do so in writing. Demand to see any exemptions in writing. If you are caught for illegal possession and contravention of the NCAC Act, those non-DCAC sources of information will not be there to defend you.
  • - Don't be misled by illegal dealers stating that it's fine to sell you a Thermal Rifle Scope as long as you sign an affidavit or End User Statement. This is incorrect. You are required to have a valid DCAC Registration Certificate and Possession Permit if you wish to purchase a Thermal Rifle Scope legally. There is simply no other means accepted.
  • - If a dealer is caught brokering Thermal Weapon Sights illegally, they will be forced to hand over your details in order to track and locate the illegal items. You will be required to produce the item for destruction along with charges being brought against you for illegal possession.
  • - Once you have committed a criminal offence by purchasing a Thermal Rifle Scope illegally, you cannot reverse this even if you try and return it to the dealer. By transferring the item back to the dealer you are comitting a further offence. Don't purchase illegally in the first place and know your laws. It's simply not worth it.
  • - You cannot obtain a permit for a Thermal Rifle Scope once it has been obtained illegally. We recieve regular enquiries in this regard. If you try and register the illegally obtained item, it will be confiscated for destruction, formal charges will be brought against you and you will be requested to furnish the source of the item.
  • - There is currently no amnesty and if you are caught brokering or in possession of a Thermal Weapon Sight, you will be formally charged and forced to hand over the item for destruction along with details as to how it was obtained.
  • - If you have any doubts regarding the local laws governing Thermal Rifle Scopes, their classification or the dealer status, contact the DCAC office on +27 (0)12 355 6234. Thermal Rifle Scope specifcations may be submitted by email letter to the DCAC technical committee where they will evaluate and confirm the Munitions List or Dual-Use status and category in writing.


We strongly urge companies and individuals considering purchasing ML classified thermal rifle scopes to familiarise themselves with the National Conventional Arms Control Act 41 of 2002 prior to purchasing. The NCAC act stipulates that companies or individuals that intend to purchase Munitions List items must be in possession of a valid registration certificate issued by The Directorate For Conventional Arms Control and have been issued with a possession permit for that item, prior to taking ownership and possession.

As responsible gun owners, we urge dealers and customers to understand and comply with the laws governing the trade and possession of Thermal Weapon Sights in South Africa and to help STOP the trade in illicit weapons. Thermal Rifle Scopes are a game changer on the battlefield and are ending up in conflict zones and terrorist organisations due to the illicit trade of these items. The illicit trade of these items places South Africa at risk of ending up on an International Black List. Responsible gun owners are also unknowingly incriminating themselves due to uninformed dealers illegally brokering these products on to them.

We are already seeing responsible foreign manufacturers placing embargoes on their thermal products entering certain African countries who are known to harbour illicit traders and terrorist organisations, and we must not allow South Africa to be included in these regions. Teledyne FLIR have already placed product embargoes on Zambia, Tanzania, Uganda and DRC during 2022.

Read how illicit Pulsar Thermal Weapon Sights, confirmed ML1D Munitions List items as stated in the Conflict Armaments Research Article July 2022, and confirmed by Yukon Advanced Optics, the Pulsar manufacturer, have ended up in the hands of The Taliban in Afghanistan due to dealers embarking on illicit trade of these items.

"On 20 July 2017 the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls issued a determination that designated a number of weapon sights as defence articles. This included Trail XQ50 sights with the part number PL 76503Q"

Watch the video of a Taliban Sniper engaging ANA forces in Afghanistan using a Pulsar Thermal Rifle Scope. A true game changer on the battlefield and deadly when in the wrong hands.

South Africa is known to harbour companies and individuals supporting terrorist organisations. Illegal and irresponsible South African importers and dealers and their blatant disregard or ignorance to the laws governing the trade in ML items are supporting the trade in illicit weapons to these organisations and groups.

We strongly urge law-abiding companies and individuals to refrain from supporting these illegal importers and dealers and not to incriminate themselves by purchasing their thermal weapon sights illegally. With the current volatile situation in Africa regarding conflict zones and terrorist organisations, international pressure is being placed on the South African Government to control the illicit trade in these items. There is an audit trail from importer to dealer to customer and if you purchase a thermal weapon sight illegally, you risk being incriminated along with them.  


TeleEye (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd, are registered with the Directorate Conventional Arms Control as an importer and dealer of thermal electro-optical equipment, Certificate Number: MS 1 – 21 – 0002362 and Conventional Arms Marketing Permit AMP 2 – 18 - 0004916. Our friendly staff are here to assist you with obtaining your certificates and permits required to purchase and own a thermal weapon sight in South Africa. We assure our customers that they will obtain their thermal rifle scopes legally and lawfully when purchased from us.

The time frame for DCAC registration is approximately 2 months and the possesion permit is applied for at the same time. Once a possession permit has been issued, the time frame for additional permit applications is approximately 2 weeks.  


Should you intend to purchase an ML classified thermal rifle scope outside of South Africa, please familiarise yourselves with the local laws of your country governing the handling of Munitions List items.

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