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Thermographic inspection services

Locate building defects and detect equipment issues early. Cut risk, eliminate loss and keep assets in good condition. 

Our thermographic inspection service is a critical part of the preventive maintenance programs of facility managers, utility companies, manufacturers and various other businesses that rely on electrical equipment and mechanical systems for daily operations. We're proud to assist our clients in maximizing the service life of their assets and maintaining the value of their property.


Unsure of what thermal imaging is?

What is thermal imaging?

Thermal energy is present within all equipment, buildings and systems. When there is a problem with the equipment, thermal imaging can detect abnormal thermal patterns. It involves the use of a thermal camera (a non-contact device) to convert the thermal patterns to visible images for analysis.

Thermal Imaging Services
Thermal Imaging Services
Thermal Imaging Services

Why use thermography?

There's only so much the human eye can see. Routine visual inspections of assets fall short of locating defects in buildings and issues in equipment. Thermal imaging is a far more effective solution for identifying problems in mechanical or electrical equipment. It can be used for both preventive maintenance and quality inspection.

A loose connection detected during a thermographic inspection can be repaired economically. If left undetected, the possibility of an electrical fire increases. In the event of a fire, the loss of life and property can be substantial.

Insulation and HVAC deterioration lead to frozen pipes, which can burst and result in thousands of rands worth of damage.

What all can a thermographic inspection detect?

A thermographic scan can catch a number of issues with buildings and equipment, including overloaded circuits, loose electrical connections, inadequate lubrication, damaged/deteriorated insulation, mechanical stress, system overload and much more. Applications include and are not limited to:

Electrical distribution boards

MCC Panels

Electrical fuses



Overhead power lines

HT & LT Substations

Solar panels

Electrical motors



Bearing assemblies


Steam valves



Thermal imaging allows for accurate analysis in a non-invasive, real-time monitoring solution on any mechanical or electrical equipment as well as effective analysis of heat flow for process monitoring.

Why Choose Our Thermography Service?

Here are a few reasons why local businesses want us to take care of their thermography and asset maintenance needs.

We know our stuff

You want to associate with a thermography company that follows the best practices for infrared inspections and helps you implement a successful preventive maintenance program. Our thermographers have a Level 3 certification from ITC (Infrared Training Centre), which officially makes us Master Thermographers capable of establishing and managing an inspection program to industry standards. With over 10 years of industry experience, we're quick to help you establish repair priorities and secure the value and performance of your assets.

We're one-stop

Our thermographic inspection encompasses numerous applications. Broadly, we serve all manner of facility management, equipment condition monitoring and utilities inspection needs. Have a look at the full list of assets that can benefit from our thermal surveys:

Condition monitoring:

Mechanical motors

Pump Components




Electrical installations:

    • MCC (motor control cabinet)
    • DB boards
    • Low Voltage substation
    • High voltage substations

Facility management:

Electrical installations
Lift motors and control panels

Air handling units – Motors and panels

HVAC systems
Hot water boilers – Control panels and boiler insulation

Building insulation – Walls and roofing

Flat roof inspections for water ingress

Solar panel inspections

Leaking water pipes in walls


Overhead line inspection

Transformer connections and cooling

Boiler insulation

Mechanical systems on power generators

Mechanical systems on wind turbines

Solar panel inspection

We provide insightful reports

Reporting findings and determining appropriate actions are the next steps, without which you cannot create an effective preventive maintenance program. Thermographers are expected to meet reporting standards in accordance with ISO 18434-1 7. We meet our reporting obligations, helping you interpret the findings and providing actionable information.

We can align the inspection frequency to your requirements.

We come whenever you call us

When a critical asset requires our urgent attention, you can count on us for a quick inspection at any time. Our 24-hour call-out service enables you to tackle seemingly small problems and prevent them from becoming disasters.

How it Works

1. Planned Task Risk Assessment

2. Planning, Mapping and marking

3. Baseline Assessment

4. Thermal Imaging Analysis

5. Hot Spot/Risk Detection

6. Measurement and Capturing

7. Concerned Measurement VS Baseline Criteria

8. Anomaly Classification

9. Report Compilation

10. Report Submission

11. Communicate concerns for action and recommendations

Benefits to You

  • Minimize costly breakdown
  • Reduce unplanned maintenance
  • Move to strategic planned maintenance
  • Lower energy usage due to thermal radiation
  • Boost plant efficiency
  • Optimize asset utilisation
  • Extend the life span of expensive components

System Reporting and FrequencySequence

Effectively reporting findings back to clients is essentially the most crucial part of our assessment. Therefore, we adhere to all reporting standards in accordance with ISO 18434-1 7 to compile reports as soon as possible. Severity Feedback will be provided to client directly after inspection is completed. Inspection frequency can be set according to clients’ needs and/or policy requirements.

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