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Thermographic Inspection Training

Thermography Training ITC

Thermographic Inspection Training

Why Thermographic Inspection Training?

Thermographic Inspection training will increase your credibility, enhance your career, and build your thermal imaging business. We offer IR training, certification, and recertification in all aspects of thermography, including:

• CAT I, II, and III courses

• Specialized instruction in building diagnostics, roofing, electrical, mechanical, research and science, and optical gas imaging

• Online courses that cover the basics of thermal camera operation and reporting software

Thermographic Inspection Training Certification benefits

Getting certified with us will benefit you as you will learn how to operate an infrared camera, collect quality data, produce professional infrared inspection reports and understand the techniques and limitations of infrared thermography for specific applications.

Reasons to get Thermographic Inspection certified with us

  • We have partnered with the largest infrared training organization in the world.
  • We provide globally recognized certifications that meet or exceed regional standards.
  • We offer training for all experience levels on any IR camera, model, or manufacturer.
  • We offer the hands-on training you need
  • We can come to you with ITC Training
  • We ensure the reliability and success of IR by expanding the knowledge of the operator
  • You will solidify your credibility with us
  • You can rejuvenate and expand your IR program with us.
  • Get certified with us

Introduction to Thermography Topics:

A one day introduction to thermography course outlining the basics in understanding temperatures, Emissivity, finding anomalies and hands on experience with a Thermal Imaging Camera, and the FLIR TOOLS Software platform.

This course is non certified but is facilitated by a level 3 Thermographer. Courses are held throughout the year.

ITC CAT 1&2 Training Topics:

ITC offers certification training to recognized standards and is an accredited Authorised Training Organisation (ATO) for the British Institute of Non Destructive Testing (BINDT) as per the requirements of ISO 18436. BINDT is an accredited certification body offering personnel certification against criteria set out in International and European standards.

This course prepares you for qualification as a category 1 certified thermographer. You will learn about the basics of infrared, how to operate the camera under different conditions and for various purposes, how to do an appropriate judgement of the measurement situation in the field and identify potential error sources. You will be able to do IR inspections following written guidelines and to report the result of this inspection.

Introduction to Thermography:

History; benchmarks; applications including electrical, Mechanical, Building, Medical and R&D. Camera technology, overview from older, scanning systems to modern day FPA’s. Explanation of camera operation and how the camera converts radiation into an image

Heat & Temperature:

Heat and measurement; contact v non-contact temperature measurement. How radiation is converted into temperature and an introduction to heat transfer.

Infrared Theory Basics:

Scientific Laws relating to : conduction, convection, radiation, blackbodies, Transmission Emissivity, Reflectivity & Calibration. Practical demonstration of these heat transfer modes with follow up theory

Measurement Techniques:

Atmospheric & Environmental considerations including distance, humidity, air temp and Reflected Apparent Temperature. How to measure them and setup the camera correctly

Basic Heat transfer theory:

Temperature definition and measurement, thermodynamics, heat and temperature, heat transfer, conduction, convection and radiation.

Camera Measurement tools:

A look at cross hair measurement, Area box/ circle, colour alarms and specific dew point and insulation alarms. Camera/Software familiarisation: Hands-on camera experience throughout the course. Camera practice using portable simulated labs; integration of images with Reporting software; creation of reports.

ITC Certification Test:

ITC qualification (50 question multiple choice test) to be held on last day of course.

In order to get the maximum benefit from ITC courses students find it beneficial to work with their own camera. You must, where possible, bring your IR camera and laptop to the course.

ITC CAT 3 Training Topics:

ITC’s Cat III certification training teaches thermographers how to establish and manage a successful thermography program across a variety of applications and industries. Content includes instruction on how to establish inspection procedures, apply industry-specific standards, manage training and certification needs, budget for equipment purchases and implement safety protocols. Participants will also learn how to develop an equipment list, establish severity criteria, set repair priorities, and determine IR survey frequencies; all critical elements of a successful inspection program. Hands-on work is emphasized too with labs that re-enforce the principles discussed including exercises that address advanced thermal science, written procedures and industry standards

Course Objectives

• Identifying safety requirements for thermographers and accompanying personnel for IR surveys.
• Recognizing key elements of a successful IR Thermography program.
• Understanding the process used to create an IR procedure.
• Learning how to create an IR thermography budget.
• Developing a written practice for Level I, Level II and Level III thermographers.
• Creating a custom IR report template and proper reporting procedures.


Level III learning objectives, contact hours, and written exam are based on requirements outlined by ANSI/ASNT CP-105 and CP-189 of the American Society for Non-Destructive Testing.


Level II thermography course completion certificate is required.

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