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Thermographic Software

Thermal Imaging Analysis & Reporting Software

Thermographic Software

Streamline inspections, automate data collection, and simplify image editing with our state of the art Thermal Imaging Software selection:

FLIR Thermal Studio Suite

FLIR Thermal Studio Suite is state-of-the-art analysis and reporting software designed to help you manage thousands of thermal images and videos. Whether you use handheld thermal cameras, unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), or optical gas imaging (OGI) cameras, the FLIR Thermal Studio suite of software provides the automation and processing capabilities you need to streamline workflow and increase productivity. FLIR Thermal Studio Suite offers Annual and Perpetual Licences.

FLIR Thermal Studio Thermal Image Analysis and Reporting Software

The FLIR Thermal Studio is a powerful, flexible, and efficient Windows desktop software for creating thermal inspection reports and automation of editing tasks with large amounts of thermal images.

Compatible with: FLIR C3-x, C5, E52, E54, E76, E86, E96, T530, T540, T560, T840, T865.

FLIR Thermal Studio Pro Advanced Thermal Image Analysis and Reporting Software

This subscription software offers the advanced processing features needed for predictive maintenance on critical components, system troubleshooting, and increased productivity.

Compatible with: FLIR C3-x, C5, E52, E54, E76, E86, E96, T530, T540, T560, T840, T865.

FLIR Tools Thermal Analysis and Reporting

FLIR Tools is a powerful, free software solution that allows you to quickly import, edit, and analyze images, and turn them into professional PDF inspection reports. It’s the most effective way to show clients or decision-makers the problems you found with your FLIR thermal imager, and get the "go-ahead" for repairs fast. The app allows you to: thermally tune level and span, change color palette, adjust parameters such as emissivity, reflective temperature, and much more.


The FLIR Route Creator Plugin for FLIR Thermal Studio Pro allows you to create and export inspection routes. Download these routes to FLIR T-Series cameras running the optional FLIR Inspection Route, and you have a powerful tool for streamlining inspections of multiple assets across a large site or across several locations. The route guides the inspector along planned inspection points, where images and data are collected in a structured manner. Once the inspection is complete, results can be imported back to FLIR Thermal Studio Pro for analysis and reporting.

Compatible with: FLIR T530, T540, T560, T840, T865.

ViperVision Thermal Analysis Software

ViperVision is a Windows-based software suite that provides real-time monitoring, data acquisition, and imaging post-analysis of industrial processes. ViperVision is designed to connect to FLIR A-series cameras and Axis visual cameras, as well as some ICI and AST camera models. Viper offers different software packages to meet your application needs. ViperVision is a powerful, yet user-friendly, software suite designed by Viper to connect to all FLIR A-series thermal imaging cameras, Axis visual cameras, and some AST and ICI models. It supports communication standards for connection to the plant control system. Viper’s systems are capable of continuously monitoring temperature which helps customers avoid a broad range of potential problems – caused by situations such as rapid temperature change to process, overheating of critical components, and product non-uniformity. Viper also offers a ViperVision package configured for Elevated Body Temperature detection. ViperVision software packages allow for real-time monitoring, data acquisition, and imaging post-analysis of the industrial processes. ViperVision offers three different packages (ViperVision Lite, ViperVisiom Max & ViperVision Ultra) with Annual and Perpetual Licences.