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ViperVision Thermal Analysis Software

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ViperVision Thermal industrial process monitoring software

Thermal Monitoring for process control

ViperVision is a Windows-based software suite that provides real-time monitoring, data acquisition, and imaging post-analysis of industrial processes. ViperVision is designed to connect to FLIR A-series cameras and Axis visual cameras, as well as some ICI and AST camera models. Viper offers different software packages to meet your application needs.

ViperVision is a powerful, yet user-friendly, software suite designed by Viper to connect to all FLIR A-series thermal imaging cameras, Axis visual cameras, and some AST and ICI models. It supports communication standards for connection to the plant control system. Viper’s systems are capable of continuously monitoring temperature which helps customers avoid a broad range of potential problems – caused by situations such as rapid temperature change to process, overheating of critical components, and product non-uniformity. Viper also offers a ViperVision package configured for Elevated Body Temperature detection. ViperVision software packages allow for real-time monitoring, data acquisition, and imaging post-analysis of the industrial processes.


ViperVision is beneficial for many industrial processes. Some common applications and key benefits include:

  • Asset Monitoring - Alarm based on a percentage of pixels being over set threshold
  • Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) Detection - Mitigate the spread of illness with pre-screening
  • Fire Prevention and Detection - Identify hot spots before fire occurs
  • General Industrial Process Monitoring - Automated start/stop of process based on image recognition
  • Hot Spot Detection for Critical Vessels - Early detection of refractory breakdown
  • Steel Mill Refractory Monitoring - View, analyze, record, and trend critical data with ViperTrack package
  • Substation Critical Assets - Identify hot spots before critical asset failure

ViperVision Packages

No need to choose between power and ease of use – choose the best ViperVision package for your application. Purchase options include a perpetual license or annual license renewal.

ViperVision Thermal Analysis Software Overview

No need to choose between power and ease of use - select the best full-featured software package for your application. ViperVision software supports communication standards for connection to the plant control system including OPC, Modbus, and physical I/Os such as relays and analog outputs. The software will analyze and compare the data against predefined parameters and will trigger an alarm if warranted. These parameters can easily be adjusted based on the specific application needs.

•Camera connectivity (all FLIR A-series, Axis visual cameras,and some AST and ICI models)
•Region of interest (ROI) measurements (50+ per image)and real-time processing
•Feed from up to 32 cameras on a single workstation
•Ability to view remotely via web server - snapshot, video and Excel functionality

Computer Specifications:

Here are the minimum requirements. Please note that these vary based on the number of cameras in the system. All require that Windows 10 Pro be fully updated prior to installing software. (also compatible with Windows 11)

  • Single-camera monitoring system: i7-6700K | 8GB RAM | 500 GB 1200 rpm Hard Disk Drive | at least one Gigabit Ethernet port
  • For 5+ new FLIR cameras: an i7-9700K would be a good starting point, plus other requirements listed for single-camera systems.
  • For 10+ new FLIR cameras: i9-11900K. Please contact us to confirm as there are other factors to consider in large monitoring systems.


•Based on temperature, rate of change and standard deviation
•Based on a percentage of pixels being over set threshold
•Based on the difference between two measurements
•Hot and cold spot detection
•Visual, email, and audible options - each alarm can have its own distinct audio
•Save thermal data on alarm
•Analog in/out and Digital in/out
•PLC communication

Configure with Ease

•Ability to create multiple configurations, even user-specific display settings
•Password-protected interface
•Multiple display configuration tool
•Remote camera function control
•Adjustable range, emissivity, transmission, and background settings
•Adjustable image palettes (color, span)
•Multiple types of ROI with temperature display
•ROI minimum, maximum, average, and temperature information from every pixel
•Auto-start feature
•Simple right-click option allows for camera-specific actions

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