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EX-XT Series - E5-xt, E6-xt & E8-xt

FLIR XT Series

FLIR E5-XT, E6-XT, and E8-XT handheld thermal imaging cameras are powerful, cost-effective, easy-to-use troubleshooting inspection tools for building, electrical, and mechanical applications. FLIR Ex-Series thermal cameras, give you the competitive advantage by providing thermal images that clearly reveal the source of electrical, mechanical, and building-related problems
With four resolution options—up to 320 × 240 infrared pixels—and the ability to accurately measure temperatures from -20°C to 550°C (E6-XT and E8-XT), the Ex-Series has models to fit your target size, working distance, visual detail needs, and budget.

All models include MSX® technology for extraordinary thermal imaging detail.
Wi-Fi connectivity to smartphones and tablets via the FLIR Tools® Mobile app makes sharing images and sending reports from any location easier, enabling you to make critical decisions faster.