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Guide Spring Thermal Night Vision Promo

Guide Spring Thermal Night Vision Promo

Shop our Guide Spring Thermal Night vision Promo Now!

See what's hiding in the dark with Guide Sensmart's cutting-edge thermal night vision monocular and binocular models. Elevate your outdoor observation, enhance security and surveillance, empower law enforcement, aid firefighting efforts, assist in search and rescue missions, and contribute to conservation with Guide's newest additions to the lineup. Explore our top sellers and innovative new products to experience the future of night vision technology.

Featured Products

Guide TD Value Performance Monocular Series

The Guide TD Delphinus Series is a compact, lightweight infrared handheld thermal imaging night vision monocular suitable for a wide range of outdoor applications. It provides clear imaging for medium and short-distance surveillance, making it ideal for both entry-level and mid-range users.

Guide TD Gen2 Value Performance Monocular Series

The all-new Guide TD Gen2 Series, a revolutionary line of handheld thermal imaging monoculars. With a design inspired by traditional optical equipment, it offers lightweight portability, simple operation, and versatility. The high-brightness OLED display ensures crystal-clear imaging, and with a remarkable 10-hour battery life, it's the ultimate outdoor night vision companion. Discover the future of night vision with the TD Gen2 Series from Guide Sensmart.

Guide TD Gen2 LRF Value Performance Monocular Series

The TD Gen2 LRF Series represents a groundbreaking entry into the world of handheld thermal imaging monoculars. Building upon the strengths of its predecessor - lightweight design, portability, user-friendliness, and durability - this series takes a step forward by incorporating a high-precision laser rangefinder module. This advancement allows for precise target detection at distances of up to 600 meters. With an OLED display, it ensures clear imaging and a comfortable viewing experience, making it the ultimate choice for outdoor night vision enthusiasts.

Guide TK premium professional Monocular Series

Guide's TK Gen2 Kitalpha Series, featuring our innovative infrared detector and patented image processing tech, offers crisp imaging, video recording, smooth zoom, color adjustments, ranging, and PIP. It supports personalized image observation with scene modes and includes a built-in laser indicator and illuminator for tough conditions.

Guide TN premium Professional Binocular Series

The Guide TN Normae Series, featuring a classic binocular design for comfortable extended surveillance. Equipped with a high-sensitivity VOx uncooled IR detector, it delivers exceptional imagery on a full-color OLED 1024×768 high-definition display. Offering a range of functions such as photo and video capture, WIFI connectivity, laser ranging, GPS, compass, and more, the TN Normae Series ensures versatility and top-notch performance for all your needs in the field.

Guide TA Gen2 Value Professional Premium Clip-On Series

Experience the all-new TA Gen2 series, a revolutionary thermal imaging attachment. With high-resolution thermal imaging detectors at 400×300 and 640×480 pixel resolutions, paired with HD OLED displays, it delivers exceptional image quality. Despite its compact size, the TA Gen2's cutting-edge battery technology ensures extended use. Discover this new thermal upgrade for enhanced precision and versatility.

Why Buy Guide Sensmart Thermal Night Vision Cameras?

  • China's largest & leading thermal imaging manufacturer
  • Over 20 years experience in thermal imaging design, R&D & manufacturing
  • Latest thermal imaging sensor technology
  • Best price to performance ratio in the industry with long detection ranges
  • Unsurpassed image quality providing better detection in challening environments
  • Local warranty, pre- and after sales service & support backed by GoThermal (Pty) Ltd

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