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FLIR Thermal Studio Software

FLIR Thermal Studio

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Thermography Inspections with FLIR Thermal Studio Software

Why not get more out of your thermography inspections? And why not offer your customers the detailed reports they deserve? With a Standard or Professional license of FLIR Thermal Studio, you’ll spend less time at your desk and more valuable time in the field.

Powerful, Flexible, and Efficient Thermal Image Analysis and Reporting Software

FLIR Thermal Studio is a robust Windows desktop software designed to streamline your thermal inspection reporting and automate editing tasks for large volumes of thermal images. Supporting images and videos from all modern FLIR thermography cameras, available in over 20 languages and does not require Microsoft Office.

FLIR Thermal Studio

Create Professional Inspection Reports

Professional Inspection Reports
Build reports with more than 100 images quickly with fully customizable templates, overlays, and formulas.

Streamline Thermal Analysis
Advanced tools such as Batch Processing and Magic Wand accelerate post-processing tasks.

Enhance Thermal Videos
Record and show your findings more clearly by analyzing, recording, segmenting, and editing thermal video.

FLIR Thermal Stuido Features that Empower You

  • Open Images and Videos: Supports images and videos from all modern FLIR thermography cameras, including the  FLIR C3-x, C5, E52, E54, E76, E86, E96, T530, T540, T560, T840, T865, T1020
  • Edit with Ease: Change palettes, image mode, and add or change measurement functions.
  • Create Custom Reports: Modify report layouts, add text annotations and formulas.
  • Video Streaming: Stream non-radiometric and radiometric video.
  • Batch Processing: Perform basic image batch processing efficiently.
  • Acoustic Camera Plug-in: Compatible with the Si-series Acoustic cameras.

Why Choose FLIR Thermal Studio?

    • Comprehensive Compatibility: Works seamlessly with a wide range of FLIR thermal cameras.
    • Efficient Workflow: Advanced tools and features to streamline your thermal analysis and reporting.
    • Professional Quality: Produce detailed, professional inspection reports effortlessly.
    • Global Reach: Available in over 20 languages to support your global operations.

Product Comparison

FLIR Thermal Studio Standard Suite Analysis and Reporting Software

  • View and edit radiometric images
  • Stream and edit radiometric video
  • Delta measurement function
  • Custom image overlays
  • Up to five custom report templates

FLIR Thermal Studio Pro Suite

  • View and edit radiometric images
  • Stream, record, and edit radiometric video (dual-streaming)
  • Measurement Functions: Spot, Box, Ellipse, Line, Delta, Profile, Polygon, Polyline, Magic wand
  • Custom image overlays
  • Pre-defined and fully customizable report templates
  • Panorama image mode
  • Compatible with FLIR Route Creator plugin

Flexible Licensing Options:

  • Subscription Licenses: 1-year subscriptions to meet short-term needs.
  • Perpetual Licenses: One-time purchase for long-term use.
  • Multi-User Licenses: Recently introduced licenses for multiple users to enhance team collaboration.

Get Started Today

Enhance Your Thermal Inspections: Spend less time at your desk and more valuable time in the field with FLIR Thermal Studio and Thermal Studio Pro. Offer your customers the detailed reports they deserve with our powerful, flexible, and efficient software solutions.

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