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Visible Light, Near Infrared & Shortwave Infrared Beacons

Beacon Helmet Signal Lights

Beacon Signal Lights

Introducing our line of Signal Beacon Helmet Lights, engineered to elevate security and surveillance operations in low-light conditions. Designed with the reliability and feature-rich functionality required for military airborne operations, law enforcement, and emergency response teams, these lights offer customizable visual and near-infrared spectra. With rugged construction and intuitive user interfaces, our helmet lights ensure seamless integration into security and surveillance protocols. Whether you're conducting perimeter patrols, covert surveillance, or nighttime security operations, our Signal Beacon Helmet Lights provide the versatility and reliability needed to enhance situational awareness and facilitate effective decision-making.

Trilobyte Helmet Lights

Guardian Beacon Signal Light Series

The Guardian series represents the epitome of nighttime identification technology, setting a new standard with unparalleled versatility and functionality. Leading the lineup is the Guardian Mockingbird, an advanced beacon offering seamless programming in the field using any IR light source or standard white flashlight. With the capability to transmit any IR or white signature effortlessly and up to twenty seconds of recording time, its potential knows no bounds. Innovative features like Reverse Polarity Program Switching™ ensure safe transitions between modes with a simple battery flip. In conjunction with a night vision device, the Guardian IR Mockingbird illuminates precise locations, redefining possibilities for covert operations and tactical maneuvers. The Guardian Personal Infrared Beacon Signal Light, on the other hand, is a cutting-edge nighttime identification marker designed for professionals and adventurers. With its dual-function Infrared (IR) capabilities, it provides a crucial advantage in operations demanding stealth, coordination, and visibility in low-light conditions. Completing the lineup, the Guardian Trident Tri-Spectrum Compact Beacon enhances coordination and communication with master/slave synchronization, exceptional durability, and combat-proven reliability. Boasting exceptional endurance and visibility range, along with versatile design and unmatched quality, the Guardian series ensures reliability and performance in the most demanding environments. Whether you're conducting covert missions or coordinating team movements, the Guardian series offers the functionality and precision needed for success.

Trilobyte Beacon Signal Light Series

Introducing the Trilobyte Series, a range of powerful lighting solutions designed for professionals operating in demanding environments. These helmet lights are designed to provide unmatched versatility, customization, and rugged performance, ensuring reliability in the field. With features such as customizable visual and near-infrared spectra, secure attachment mechanisms, and durable construction, the Triplobyte series is your trusted companion for security, surveillance, and tactical operations.

The Trilobyte Infrared & White Beacon Signal Helmet Light leads the series with its versatile power options, secure attachment, and durable construction, ensuring reliability in the field. Its customizable appearance and matte finish make it ideal for covert operations, while its exceptional visibility range enhances situational awareness. The Trilobyte Gen2 4-Color Programmable Beacon Signal Helmet Light with Infrared takes versatility to the next level, offering customizable spectra, advanced control functions, and Mockingbird® Technology for personalized flashing signatures. Finally, the Trilobyte Gen5 2-Color Programmable Beacon Signal Helmet Light with Near Infrared & SWIR sets a new standard with its wide range of functions, impressive waterproof and dust resistance, and synchronized group flashing capabilities.

Whether you're conducting covert missions, coordinating team movements, or enhancing situational awareness, the Triplobyte series delivers the functionality and precision you need to accomplish your mission with confidence.

VIPIR Beacon Signal Light Series

The VIPIR series epitomizes excellence in safe illumination, offering unmatched versatility and functionality for professionals operating in demanding environments. Leading the lineup is the VIPIR Infrared Navy Beacon Signal Helmet Light, renowned for its multifunctional capabilities and real-world performance. With legacy series reliability and dual spectrum illumination, it sets the standard for excellence in the field. The VIPIR Mockingbird Gen4 Beacon Signal Helmet Light takes versatility to the next level with three overt and three covert light modes, including a programmable IR mode and IR light mimicry. Its durable construction, temperature resilience, and impressive visibility range make it a trusted choice for professionals seeking unparalleled performance. Lastly, the VIPIR CQB Helmet Light RF Synchronized Beacon offers master/slave synchronization, user-programmable signatures, and combat-proven reliability. With its rugged construction, positive feedback switch, and flexible attachment options, it sets the standard for coordinated and covert signaling in the most challenging conditions. Whether you're in the Navy, Air Force, or Government Agencies, the VIPIR series offers the functionality, reliability, and adaptability needed for success in the field.

VIPIR Signal Beacon Helmet Light

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