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Trilobyte Gen2 4-colour programmable Beacon Signal Helmet Light with Infrared

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Trilobyte Helmet Light Gen2

The Trilobyte Gen2 4-Color Programmable Beacon Signal Helmet Light with Infrared is the next generation of tactical helmet lights, designed to offer versatility, customization, and rugged performance for professionals in demanding environments.

Trilobyte Helmet Light Gen2 Key Features:

  • Next-Generation Design: Built on the proven VIP Tactical signal light, the Trilobyte Gen2 offers users a customizable visual and near-infrared spectra in a rugged, compact AA battery light.
  • 4 Output Colors: The Trilobyte Gen2 features four output colors: White, Green, Red, and Infrared (IR), providing adaptability for various situations.
  • MultiVibe™ Function: Positive vibration feedback (MultiVibe™) for tactile switch position indication, ensuring ease of use in the dark with IR light.
  • Mockingbird® Technology: Allows users to record and playback their own blinking signature with an external light source containing a NIR wavelength, including sunlight.
  • Advanced Control Functions: Control functions for luminosity, color selection, constant light, flash, record, playback, and IR detection mode.
  • Reverse Polarity Program Switching®: Separates groups of functions by changing the polarity of the battery, enhancing operational precision.
  • Attachment Versatility: Can be attached to fleece Velcro surfaces with 3M hook Velcro, or optionally with the modular VIP Pouch or Base Attachment mounting plate (sold separately).
  • Durable Construction: Made of extremely durable and shatterproof polycarbonate for long-lasting performance.
  • Temperature Resilience: Operates in a wide temperature range, from -40 to +60°C with AA Lithium and -20 to +60°C with Alkaline or Rechargeable AA batteries.
  • Hermetic Sealing: The unit is hermetically sealed with a removable battery cap, providing protection against moisture and environmental factors.
  • Impressive Waterproof Rating: Boasts an IP67 waterproof rating, making it suitable for waterborne operations and wet conditions.
  • Exceptional Visibility Range: Offers visibility of up to 5 kilometers at the strongest luminosity, whether in visible or near-infrared mode.
  • Compact Dimensions: Measures 82 x 56 x 32 mm (L/W/H) and weighs approximately 88 g, ensuring minimal interference with helmet wear.

The Trilobyte Gen2 Beacon Signal Helmet Light is your go-to solution for versatile, customizable, and reliable illumination in the most demanding field operations. Whether you need to switch between colors, record your own signature, or rely on positive feedback, the Trilobyte is your trusted companion.

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