Thermal Vehicle ID Triangle Magnetic Roof Marker

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Thermal Vehicle Triangle Magnetic Roof Marker

Vehicle thermal magnetic roof markers are 35cm in size and triangular in shape. IR and Thermal Patches are specifically designed to assist your tactical team to identify their own in the field whilst maintaining cover in covert scenarios, as well as correctly identifying different security teams from a distance.

Thermal Combat ID patches, Thermal ID Panels


Thermal ID panels and patches made from a passive material, intended for outdoor use, when exposed to open sky will reflect thermal energy of the sky ( on a clear day sky temperature can drop to -30oc) and appear as a contrasting cold area on thermal device.

Thermal ID patches

Custom made Thermal ID patches for IFF identifications
Velcro brand backing.
Custom shape and size

Vehicle Thermal ID

Rooftop ID markers for thermal vision devices
Magnetic or adhesive backing
Letters and numbers
Custom size, shape and colors