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Guide TL650 Multispectral Fusion Thermal Imaging Monocular

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Guide TL650 Multispectral Fusion Thermal Monocular

The Guide TL650 rrepresents Guide Sensmart's pioneering effort in multispectral fusion thermal monoculars. With its all-in-one design, it caters to the demands of day and night observation in any weather condition. Featuring a cutting-edge 12μm thermal sensor, alongside 1920×1080 CMOS and AMOLED displays, the TL Series delivers exceptionally crisp and high-contrast imagery. Moreover, it boasts an integrated laser rangefinder capable of accurate ranging up to 600 meters. Additionally, the device comes equipped with a built-in GPS, laser rangefinder, and gyroscope, providing users with essential data such as target coordinates, distance, and device angle for precise targeting.

Guide TL650 Key Features:

  • 640×480@12μm IR resolution
  • 50mm/F1.0 Focal Length
  • Day & Night Use Thermal+Digital
  • 1920x1080 AMOLED Display
  • Thermal: 50mm, F1.2; Digital: 17mm, F1.4

Guide TL650 LRF Features

Enhanced Search and Target Identification with Integrated Thermal and Night Vision

Experience seamless search and target identification capabilities with integrated thermal and night vision, catering to both daytime and nighttime scenarios for swift operations.

Guide TJ650 LRF
Guide TD Gen 2 LRF

Enhanced Animal Recognition and Landscape Clarity with Thermal Imaging and Night Vision

Benefit from high-quality thermal imaging and night vision, enabling clear distinctions for improved recognition of animals, their features, and intricate landscape elements like branches, leaves, and grass, regardless of day or night conditions.

1920 X 1080 AMOLED Display

Experience superior observation details with the high-resolution 0.39'' 1920×1080 AMOLED display, offering lower power consumption, a wider viewing angle, and richer color rendition for better observation.


Guide TJ650 LRF 1920 X 1080 AMOLED Displayuide TD211

Precision Laser Ranging for Accurate Target Distance Measurement

Utilizing the integrated high-precision laser range module, our device achieves accurate laser ranging of up to 600m, providing precise distance information of targets without the need for calibration.

Enhanced Navigation and Targeting Capabilities with GPS Integration

Our GPS systems display precise target latitude and longitude, crucial for hunters in navigation, safety, mapping, game tracking, and environmental analysis. Integrated with a built-in laser rangefinder and gyroscope, our device provides accurate target distance and device angle information, facilitating quick aiming.

Versatile Imaging Modes for Enhanced Detection

With the TL Series, you have access to multiple image modes tailored to your needs. Choose from a conventional thermal monocular featuring 5 color palettes, a detailed daylight and night vision optical camera, or the innovative Fusion mode. This unique mode combines optical image detail with thermal channel performance, maximizing detection capabilities and detail for unparalleled results.


Law Enforcement


Low Light Observation

Guide TL650 Specifications



Thermal: Uncooled VOx Infrared Detector, 8 to 14 μm; Digital: CMOS


Thermal: 640×480@12μm Digital: 1920×1080@4μm



Frame rate



Objective lens

Thermal: 50mm, F1.2; Digital: 17mm, F1.4

Field of view


FOV m @100m




Detection range



Color palettes

IR: White Hot, Black Hot, Red Hot, Iron Red, Blue Hot

Scene modes

Visible: Day, Night, Low-light

Display type

IR, Visible, Fusion 1, Fusion 2, Fusion 3


Exit pupil distance 15 mm; Diopter: -4 to +4; Zoom: 13.8x


Laser rangefinder





USB Type-C


GPS, Compass, Gyroscope, Bluetooth


Recording function


Memory capacity



Battery type

Single, replaceable 18650 battery

Operating time

5 hours


Operating temp.

-20 °C to 50 °C/ -4°F to +122°F




Weight(g/ oz)

567/ 20.00

Size(mm/ in)

190×70×90/ 7.48×2.76×3.54


A device, Wrist strap, Battery charger, single 18650 battery, 5V2A adapter (US, Britain, Australia and Europe), USB Type-C cable, Quick use guide, Warranty card

Weight(g/ oz)

Bluetooth remote control, 18650 battery, Dovetail guide

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