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Guide DN30 Handheld Digital Binoculars

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Guide DN30

Handheld Digital Binocular with Laser Range Finder

The DN30 Handheld Digital Binoculars offer an exceptional viewing experience with 4K ultra-high-definition visuals. Featuring a 3840x2160@2μm moonlight low-light CMOS sensor and a 1920x1080 AMOLED display, these binoculars deliver stunning images day and night. In well-lit conditions, the 4K low-light detector enhances color rendition, ensuring vivid and detailed images. For low-light scenarios such as dawn, dusk, or nighttime, activate the infrared fill light to pierce through darkness, allowing for observation, identification, and monitoring of distant targets with ease.

Guide TJ650 Key Features:

  • 3840×2160@2µm IR 4K UHD Sensor
  • 35mm/F1.0 Focal Length
  • 600/1000m Laser Detection Range
  • 1920x1080 AMOLED Display
  • 6 Hours Battery Life
Guide DN30

Guide DN30 Features

Core Sensor with Clear Imaging

The Guide DN30 features a 4K ultra-HD sensor, these binoculars capture clear images regardless of time or lighting conditions, unveiling the true appearance of animals even in darkness.

Guide DN30 Handheld Digital Binoculars
Guide DN30 Handheld Digital Binoculars

Enhanced Visuals with High-Definition Display

A high-resolution, high-contrast, and high-gamut 0.39-inch display brings better image quality and visual effects. With a high-definition display, these binoculars offer the ultimate vision experience, ensuring clarity and precision in every observation.

Enhanced Wildlife Observation with the Guide DN30

Outdoor hunting with 24/7 animal observation allows for continuous monitoring of wildlife activities. In outdoor or forest environments, the DN Series can quickly search for, locate, and identify prey. Even at night, it is possible to see the physical characteristics of animals and determine their species.

Guide DN30 Handheld Digital BinocularsD Displayuide TD211
Guide DN30 Handheld Digital Binoculars

Enhanced Vision in Low-Light Conditions

During dimly lit mornings, evenings, or nights, these binoculars utilize available moonlight to provide users with a clear field of vision, enabling discreet observation and leaving no place for prey to hide.

Capture and Share Outdoor Adventures

The Guide DN30 allows outdoor enthusiasts to record beautiful moments and share happiness. With a simple short press to take a photo and a long press to capture video, users can effortlessly document their experiences in the great outdoors.

Guide DN30 Handheld Digital Binoculars
Guide DN30 Handheld Digital Binoculars

Seamless Firmware Upgrades for Enhanced Performance

The device firmware can be upgraded remotely via the TargetIR App, ensuring continuous improvement and optimization of functions and interactions. This feature helps to keep the product in the best condition and brings users a better overall experience.

Seamless Connectivity with TargetIR App

TheSupporting local WiFi connection with the TargetIR App, these binoculars allow users to synchronize real-time previews and enable remote control. Additionally, sharing visuals on social media is made easy, enhancing the overall sharing experience.

Guide DN30 Handheld Digital Binoculars
Guide DN30 Handheld Digital Binoculars

Comfortable Observation with Wide Field of View

The Guide DN30 boasts a large field of view, ensuring comfortable observation experiences. Additionally, its user-friendly design, featuring an easy-to-grip body, enhances usability for all users.


Law Enforcement


Low Light Observation

Media Gallery

Guide DN30 Handheld Digital Binoculars
Guide DN30 Handheld Digital Binoculars
Guide DN30 Handheld Digital Binoculars

Unboxing the Guide DN30

Guide DN30 Specifications






Frame rate



Objective lens

35mm, F1.0

Field of view


FOV m @100m




Detection range



Display type

0.39'' AMOLED 1920x1080

Color palettes

Scene modes

Day, Night, Low-light


Exit pupil distance 16 mm; Diopter: -4 to+2; Interpupillary distance adjustment: 60mm to 70mm; Zoom: 13.8x


Laser rangefinder


IR illuminator

940 nm




USB Type-C


GPS, Compass, Gyroscope, Bluetooth


Recording function


Memory capacity



Battery type

2 replaceable 18650 batteries

Operating time

6 hours


Operating temp.

-30 °C to 50 °C/ -22°F to +122°F




Weight(g/ oz)

940/ 33.16

Size(mm/ in)

162×146×70/ 6.38×5.75×2.76


Device, lens cap, 2 detachable eye masks, carry bag, shoulder strap, 5V2A adapter (US, Britain, Australia and Europe), 2 replaceable 18650 batteries, Battery charger, USB Type-C cable, micro HDMI cable, quick start guide

Weight(g/ oz)

Bluetooth remote control, Extended bracket

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