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FLIR Recon® V Thermal Binocular with EO, Laser Rangefinder and Laser Pointer

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FLIR Recon® V Thermal Binocular

The Recon® V is a compact and light yet rugged multi-sensor thermal binocular designed for 24/7 day and night field operations that require enhanced imagery and long standoff range. Its internal GPS, DMC, and long-range laser pointer provide accurate range to target as well as precise location. The 10x continuous zoom optics, MEMS-based electronic stabilization, and high-definition color video display combine to provide unmatched image quality and flexibility.

Handheld IR for greater agility

Best-In-Class Thermal Imaging

Combining 640x480 MWIR image quality with industry-leading processing and a high-definition display, Recon V provides the clarity your mission demands.

Powerful Tactical Capabilities

Built-in stabilization, digital magnetic compass, GPS, and laser rangefinder provide accurate range-to-target, precise geo-location, and rock-solid imagery.

Flexible, Tough, and Powerful

Light and easy to use, ReconV minimizes operator fatigue and is rugged enough to survive everything your mission may throw at it.

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