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FLIR DM93-2 True RMS Industrial Digital Multimeter

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FLIR DM93-2 Industrial Digital Multimeter with VFD Filter, LoZ and METERLiNK®  

Introducing the FLIR DM93-2 True RMS Industrial Digital Multimeter: Unleash Precision and Reliability in Your Electrical Work

When it comes to industrial-grade digital multimeters, the FLIR DM93-2 sets the bar high, offering an array of cutting-edge features designed to make your electrical work smoother and more dependable. With an unwavering commitment to performance, durability, and seamless data integration, this multimeter is your indispensable tool for a wide range of applications.


DM93-2 Key Features:

• True RMS DMM measurements features reliable performance and 1000V range
• Durable, double-molded construction with IP54 rating and 3m drop tested
• Seamless integration with METERLiNK® App


DM93-2 Main Applications:

• Diagnosing intermittent electrical problems
• Performing quality control inspections in electronics
• Data logging and tracking changes in electrical systems


FLIR DM93-2 Industrial Digital Multimeter with VFD Filter, LoZ and METERLiNK®  

Enhanced Display Clarity: Experience precision like never before with the FLIR DM93-2. Its 5-digit, 40,000 count dual display screen, complete with an LED backlight, ensures that your measurements are consistently sharp and bright.

VFD Mode for Accuracy: Incorporating advanced technology, the DM93-2 features a VFD Mode that employs a low-pass filter. This innovative approach guarantees highly accurate voltage, current, and frequency readings, even in environments influenced by switching electronics and variable frequency drives.

Eliminate Ghost Voltage with LoZ Mode: Say goodbye to potential ghost voltage readings caused by long wires sharing a conduit. The LoZ Mode on the DM93-2 intelligently places a low-impedance load across the input, effectively eliminating such inaccuracies and ensuring precise measurements.

Illuminate Your Workspace: Brighten your work environment with the powerful built-in LED worklights on the DM93-2. These lights not only illuminate low-light areas but also make reading faded labels and symbols a breeze. Conduct visual inspections with confidence, knowing that your workspace is well-lit and conducive to accurate work.

Seamless Data Integration with METERLiNK® App: Elevate your workflow with the DM93-2's compatibility with the all-new METERLiNK® App. Unlock a world of possibilities, including log comparisons, streamlined reporting, custom alarm threshold settings, and the ability to connect with multiple meters. This integration empowers you to efficiently manage and analyze your data, enhancing productivity and collaboration.

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