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FLIR Breach™ PTQ136 Multi-functional Thermal Monocular Camera

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FLIR Breach™ PTQ136 Multi-functional Thermal Monocular Camera

Built for the rigors of law enforcement, the FLIR Breach PTQ136 spots the heat of suspects and objects in total darkness. Featuring the new FLIR Boson core and a compact design, the FLIR Breach offers unmatched tactical awareness. Weighing only 210 grams, the FLIR Breach can be concealed in a pocket or mounted to a helmet with its mini-rail feature, while adding minimal weight to officers’ heavy gear. Additional features include onboard recording and seven palettes for fast detection of suspects or evidence, day or night.




Advanced image processing produces excellent image clarity, day or night

  • New FLIR Boson thermal core with 12 μm pixel pitch and 320 x 240 resolution
  • Bright, high definition FLCOS display
  • Industry-leading on-chip video processing



Easy adaptability to wide selection of head and helmet mounts

  • DoveTail / Bayonet interfaces
  • Quickly attaches to helmet and head mounts using mini-rail feature
  • Weighs less than 8 ounces (210g)



Multiple features offer a superior, customizable experience

  • On board video recording with to 2.5 hours of internal storage or 1,000 pictures
  • Multiple palettes and reticle patterns
  • Digital compass/inclinometer for precise range and target orientation