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Which Cx-Series Camera Is Right for You?

FLIR's Cx-Series compact thermal cameras are indispensable tools for inspections in various fields, including building maintenance, HVAC/R, and electrical repair. Recently, FLIR introduced three enhanced models to the Cx-Series lineup: the FLIR C3-X, FLIR C5, and FLIR Cx5. These new additions come with built-in FLIR Ignite™ cloud connectivity, enabling seamless data transfer, storage, and backup across all your devices. Additionally, all three cameras feature FLIR MSX® (Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging), which enhances thermal images by overlaying scene details from the visual camera onto the thermal image, ensuring maximum clarity and accuracy.

FLIR Cx Series

Any camera is a handy thermal imager to have on the job, but which one is right for your needs?


The FLIR C3-X is the entry-level model in the Cx-Series, but don't let that fool you – it packs a punch. With its 3-in-1 design featuring a thermal camera, digital camera, and flashlight, the C3-X offers convenience and versatility in one compact package. The 128 × 96 (12,288 pixel) resolution thermal imager provides an expanded temperature range of -20 to 300°C (-4 to 572°F), allowing for accurate temperature measurements in a variety of scenarios. Despite being the entry-level option, the C3-X still boasts powerful features like FLIR Ignite and MSX, as well as professional reporting capabilities with FLIR Thermal Studio.


Stepping up to the FLIR C5, you'll find all the features of the C3-X, plus some notable upgrades. The C5 sports a more powerful 160 x 120 (19,200 pixel) resolution thermal imager, providing enhanced detail and the ability to spot smaller temperature differences. This higher resolution makes it easier to get accurate temperature measurements and identify potential issues with greater precision. Additionally, the C5 offers zoom capabilities, 1-Touch Level/Span for improved scene contrast, and an extended temperature range of -20 to 400°C (-4 to 752°F), making it a versatile tool for a wide range of applications.


The FLIR Cx5 shares the same impressive 160 x 120 (19,200 pixel) resolution thermal imager as the C5 but is specifically certified for use in explosive environments. This certification eliminates the need to acquire hot work permits due to gas, vapor, and dust, making T-Class surveys quick and easy. The Cx5 is an affordable thermography tool suitable for industries such as chemical, oil and gas, and wastewater treatment facilities, where explosive atmospheres are common.

So, which FLIR Cx-Series camera is right for you? It ultimately depends on your specific needs and requirements. If you're a professional who occasionally relies on thermal imaging for inspections and troubleshooting, the portable and affordable FLIR C3-X may be the perfect choice. However, if you require more detail and performance on a regular basis, the FLIR C5 offers enhanced capabilities while still remaining budget-friendly. For those working in hazardous, industrial environments, the FLIR Cx5 provides peace of mind with its certification and high-resolution imaging capabilities.

In summary, if thermal imaging is a useful but occasional tool in your toolkit, the FLIR C3-X is an excellent option. If you need a robust imager for regular inspections, the FLIR C5 provides enhanced detail and performance at an affordable price point. And if you work in explosive environments and require high-resolution images, the FLIR Cx5 is the ideal choice.

No matter which FLIR Cx-Series camera you choose, you can trust that you're getting a reliable and high-quality thermal imaging solution from a trusted industry leader.

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