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Two Great Brands, A Singular Commitment to Quality

Two Great Brands, A Singular Commitment to Quality

Andrew Saxton, Director of Marketing for FLIR Outdoor and Tactical Systems

Whatever your adventure, the union of FLIR and Armasight is a clear win for hunters and tactical professionals

When FLIR announced the acquisition of Armasight in June of last year, those in the shooting, hunting and outdoor trades took immediate notice; many wondered what the merger of the two great brands meant for them. Nearly seven months later, the answer glows as clear and bright as a target viewed through FLIR’s all-new Boson-cored tactical and outdoor thermal-imaging products; our unified portfolio and development resources are a clear win for hunters, outdoor enthusiasts and tactical professionals.

Anyone visiting the FLIR Outdoor and Tactical Systems (OTS) booths (#248 and #6203) at this week’s Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show will find plenty to be excited by. FLIR OTS’s world-leading suite of Armasight- and FLIR-branded sighting and optic products are better than ever, headlined by four new lines of tactical and outdoor thermal products featuring FLIR’s newest compact, 12 micron, uncooled, thermal camera core, FLIR Boson™. These Boson-based imagers deliver unmatched performance and functionality for tactical and outdoor users… and FLIR’s legendary reputation for quality ensures these products will follow you to the ends of the earth.

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