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Top 5 Ways to Use FLIR ONE on Your Smartphone

Top 5 Ways to Use FLIR ONE on Your Smartphone

The FLIR ONE Thermal Imager helps you experience reality like never before by letting you do more and see more. So, how can the FLIR ONE help YOU do extraordinary things in your daily life? Here are 5 ways to get you started:

1. Be your own handyman

The FLIR ONE makes it easy to tackle your home's pesky maintenance issues before they arise (think hidden moisture and mold). Whether you're battling heat loss, a water leak, unwanted critters, or bad plumbing, say, "see ya" to the cost of an inspector or repairman.

2. Own the outdoors

Meet your new adventure buddy. With the FLIR ONE, take the road less traveled without fear of the unknown. Navigate dark trails, check for smoldering fires, and experience wildlife at night. Redefine exploration with your pocket-sized device.

3. Make your job easier

What do a contractor, realtor, and electrician have in common? They can all use the FLIR ONE on the job. From spotting shorts on an electronic board to advising a homebuyer, this gadget can save you time, money, and energy at work.

4. Stay safe

There's nothing more important than your family. The FLIR ONE helps you manage and avoid possible risks before they happen. Whether you're checking the temperature of your baby food, helping you find your lost pets in the dark, or detecting lurkers around your home, your small sidekick can keep you safe in big ways.

5. Be creative

You'll discover unique uses for the FLIR ONE everyday. Go ghost hunting, choose the freshest bread at the grocery store, find the source of that pesky wasp problem, or get a leg up in hide-and-go-seek. Whether it's at work, home, or play, your device is designed to surprise and delight.

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