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No More Lame Gifts for Dad!

No More Lame Gifts for Dad!

For DIY Dads who love a challenge

Love tackling home projects on your own? The FLIR TG130 is a great first step into the power of thermal imaging. This handy and rugged little device will help root out and troubleshoot temperature related problems around your house. From missing insulation to overloaded circuit breakers, and even moisture problems, the TG130 is something you can throw in your toolbox and forget about it, but when you need it, you’ll be glad you have it.

For the Outdoorsman

Whether its hunting or hiking, FLIR is your huckleberry. The new FLIR Scout TK is the perfect trail companion. It’s portable size and ability to see over 100 yards in complete darkness will help you search for the raccoons off the back deck or lead you back to camp after a long hike. With onboard video and image recording, bring discoveries home to share with the whole family.

For the Gadget Guru

Call yourself an early adopter? Always first in line for the coolest new tech? Then the revolutionary FLIR ONE is for you! FLIR ONE for iOS or Android turns your smartphone into a thermal vision superpower. The FLIR ONE is great for family photos, using outside with the grill, or even finding the coldest beer in the fridge! For Dads, that’s important stuff. Last, but not least, with the FLIR FX video monitoring camera’s RapidRecap feature, you can quickly keep an eye on what matters most, or who was the last one to borrow the car.

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