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FLIR Introduces Dual Sensor Drone Cameras Duo and Duo R

FLIR Introduces Dual Sensor Drone Cameras Duo and Duo R

Today at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada, FLIR announced their latest camera for personal and commercial drone use, the FLIR Duo.

As the most affordable dual thermal and visible sensor drone camera equipped with FLIR’s smallest and lightest Lepton thermal camera core, operators are no longer constrained by daylight. The FLIR Duo provides a sixth sense, the power to see objects over 100 yards away in complete darkness, smoke and light fog. Equipped with a 160x120 thermal camera and High-Definition (HD) 1080 color camera, FLIR Duo allows operators to swap between the two cameras mid-flight or view both in a picture-in-picture mode via the FLIR UAS app, so no flight time is lost swapping out cameras. FLIR’s proprietary MSX image processing algorithm embosses the thermal image with key details from the visible camera, resulting in the sharpest dual-spectrum image in the market.

A more professional version of the FLIR Duo, the FLIR Duo R adds accurate temperature measurement capabilities for commercial applications including agricultural, construction, civil engineering, building inspection, and public safety use cases.

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