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8 Ways Mom can use FLIR Thermal Cameras

8 Ways Mom can use FLIR Thermal Cameras

Moms. Where do you even begin? These wonderful women work, cook, clean, run errands, and somehow they manage to get a couple hours of sleep a night. Moms are everyday heroes, and every hero has a superpower or a sidekick. Enter FLIR.

FLIR has products that can give moms a super power to ensure their work is undefeatable and safe. Here’s a list of the ways moms can use FLIR to dominate their household and keep their missions on task.


 Moms see an issue and work to resolve it. There's no better sidekick than a thermal camera like the FLIR TG130 spot meter. Picture this: a clogged sink and pile of dishes needing to be washed. With the TG130 you can see the clogged drain and diagnose this problem immediately. Knowing where the problem spot is will allow it to be resolved in a faster manner. Don’t wait on dad to fix it! 

Pacifier Finder 

Young babies can be a handful, and moms manage them with great agility and smarts. Some babies just don’t like their pacifiers and have been known to spit them out. Others throw them across the room. These things are hard to see under dark areas like a couch are no match for thermal imaging from the FLIR ONE! Because the pacifier is still warm, mom can find the pacifier without turning on the lights and waking the baby.

Pet Detective

Pets know in most cases couches are a forbidden area to lounge on. With the FLIR ONE, moms can check for warm spots on the couch and detect if they’ve been sneaking in some couch time!

Spill Finder

With kids around, there are bound to be spills, and even some spills that may not be caught at first glance especially on the carpet. With a thermal camera, recent water or even pet potty ‘accidents’ stand out to help mom easily find where to start the clean-up.

Playground Safety Inspector

Slides are one of the most popular features at a playground, but they can also be dangerous. On a hot summer day metal slides can trap an enormous amount of heat. Do you want to be the cool tech savvy mom on the playground? With the FLIR ONE, moms can come to the rescue and judge if the slide is too hot for Junior to slide on.

Date Night

We see it in movies all the time, the classic ‘the parents are gone so let’s throw a party’ scene. Mom can feel relaxed on her date night by using the FLIR FX security camera to check in on home right from her smartphone. Whether its worrying about the kids or making sure the dogs aren’t up on the counters, the FLIR FX is a perfect way to give mom some peace-of-mind.

Hide and Go Seek Champion

Did you ever wonder how mom kept finding you during those epic hide-and-go seek matches in your neighborhood? It’s unlikely she was using a thermal camera if it was more than two years ago – they were pretty expensive before then. But now, a mom with a FLIR ONE will dominate every game.

On the Job  

Moms are heroes at home but also heroes in the workplace. Whether they’re a firefighter, police officer, a drone pilot or an electrician, FLIR makes products that help make their jobs safer and more efficient.

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