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Go Thermal`s Launch Specials!

Go Thermal`s Launch Specials!

Welcome to the GoThermal online store, South Africa's go-to point for thermal vision applications from world-leading manufacturer, FLIR Systems.

TeleEye SA was founded by Certified Thermographers and video surveillance experts well over a decade ago and is an Authorised FLIR Systems Distributor and GoThermal's parent company.

GoThermal evolved out of the success of TeleEye SA in providing customised and personalised pre-sales service out of its Johannesburg headquarters.

Today, our second home on the web enables customers to purchase brand-name FLIR thermal products at any time, safe in the knowledge that GoThermal is backed by TeleEye SA's solid infrastructure.

Whether Commercial Security products, Personal Vision Systems, Thermal Imaging for Building, Mechanical, Test and Measurement or Unmanned Aerial Systems, GoThermal provides the right advice, before you make that potentially life-changing purchase. GoThermal prides itself on unparalleled expertise, solid experience and professional well-trained personnel.

Other reasons to confidently choose GoThermal includes our status as an authorized FLIR in and out-of-warranty repair center (FLIR Commercial Security and PVS Products). We also strive to keep a constant supply of all popular stock items ensuring rapid delivery, we offer exceptional pre-sales and after sales service, and we are certified to offer thermal training courses. All of this means you really are partnering with the best in the business!

Launch Specials!

FLIR C2 - R10 980 excl. VAT

  FLIR FX - R2700 excl. VAT

       FLIR E8 - R43 960 excl. VAT

            FLIR VUE Pro R - R44 090 excl. VAT

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