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FLIR IM75-2 Insulation Tester and Digital Multimeter

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FLIR IM75-2 Insulation Tester / Digital Multimeter with VFD and METERLiNK®

When it comes to electrical installation and troubleshooting, the FLIR IM75-2 sets a new standard with its advanced multifunction digital multimeter insulation tester. Designed for professionals who demand excellence, this robust tool offers a range of features that ensure efficiency, safety, and precision.

IM75-2 Key Features:

• Advanced variable frequency drive (VFD) filtering, True RMS
voltage and current measurements, and LoZ mode
• Durable, double-molded construction with IP54 rating and 3 m
drop tested
• Seamless integration with METERLiNK® App

IM75-2 Main Applications:

• Ensuring safety standards to protect users from potential hazards
• Pinpointing insulation weaknesses that may lead to electrical faults
• Data logging and tracking changes in electrical and mechanical


Insulation Voltage Testing: The FLIR IM75-2 empowers you with the ability to conduct insulation voltage testing up to 1 kV, measuring insulation resistance within a broad range from 4M Ω to an impressive 20G Ω. With these capabilities, it's ideal for ensuring the integrity of electrical installations, identifying issues, and preventing potential hazards.

Dual Display: With its advanced variable frequency drive (VFD) filtering and dual display, this tool provides a comprehensive overview of voltage and frequency simultaneously. This feature streamlines your work and enhances your ability to detect subtle irregularities in electrical systems.

True RMS DMM Measurements: You can rely on the FLIR IM75-2 for consistent and accurate measurements. Its True RMS functionality guarantees dependable performance, and it offers a 1000 V range to cater to a wide spectrum of electrical testing needs.

Built Tough for Demanding Work Conditions: The FLIR IM75-2 is constructed to thrive in challenging work environments. It comes with a built-in LED work light, illuminating even the dimmest areas, ensuring faster and safer inspections. Its durable double-molded construction is IP54-rated, offering protection against dust and water splashes, and it has successfully passed a 2-meter drop test, making it a robust companion in the field.

User-Friendly Display: Featuring large, easy-to-read digits and a backlit display, the FLIR IM75-2 makes it effortless to access and interpret your measurement data, even in low-light conditions.

METERLiNK App Integration: With the all-new METERLiNK App, this tool enables you to seamlessly identify, document, and share your inspection findings. You can swiftly capture and compare readings, thermal images, and videos for in-depth analysis, trend tracking, and effortless sharing with your team. It also allows you to perform measurement comparisons over time and set custom alarm thresholds to ensure you stay within desired operating ranges during testing procedures.

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