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DJI Mavic Enterprise Dual Drone + 2 Additional Batteries

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Developed in partnership with FLIR Systems, and built upon the Mavic 2 flight platform, the Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual from DJI is an advanced, enterprise-level drone solution for demanding applications. With the addition of a FLIR thermal imaging sensor, the Enterprise Dual can provide even greater capabilities during the night and in challenging daytime conditions.

  • Integrated Radiometric FLIR® Thermal Sensor

  • Adjustable Parameters
    For Emissivity & Reflective Surfaces
  • Multiple Display Modes: 
    FLIR MSX™, Infrared & Visible

What's in the box: 
- Enterprise Protector Case
- Aircraft With Battery
- Remote Controller
- 2 Additional Batteries
- Battery Charger
- Power Cable
- Propeller Pair
- Spare Control Stick Pair
- Communications Cable
- USB Adapter
- Extender Port Cover
- Speaker
- Spotlight
- Beacon
- RC Cable Lightening Connector
- RC Cable Stand Micro USB Connector
- RC Cable USB-C Connector
- Manuals 

The Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual has an extended port that allows you to connect additional devices onto the drone, helping you perform at your best in a variety of critical missions:

M2E Spotlight
Direct lost persons with greater ease using a dual spotlight that enhances your vision in low-light areas.

M2E Speaker
Communicate with ground teams during emergency situations, effectively guiding pilots and workers across the operation.

M2E Beacon
Your In-Flight Safety. Our Top Priority.

The potential of this drone can be seen in its wide application for law enforcement, search and rescue, firefighting, coast guards, farming, emergency response and construction and utility inspection.

The Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual features a powerful camera with up to 8 km transmission range at 1080p resolution. Because it features AirSense and omnidirectional sensing, this drone is aware of obstacles and other flying objects in its environment. With its thermal imaging and FLIR MSX, the drone is able to detect heat signatures through obstacles such as walls and smoke with ease.

With password protection, the integrity of your data will never be compromised allowing only authorised personnel to access relevant information. DJI also increased the onboard storage from 8GB to 24GB and designed the battery to be self-heating for flying in cold environments as low as -10C.

At 905g, the Enterprise is foldable and features a compact and robust design crafted from high-quality lightweight material. The versatility and power of the Mavic 2 Enterprise ensure that no matter where you are, it’s always operation ready when duty calls.