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AGM Cap Goggle Kit W

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AGM Cap Goggle Kit W

Even when you don't need or want a helmet, you can have hands-free capability for your AGM night vision goggles with this Cap Goggle Kit. Made of comfortable mesh with a buckled web strap, the kit features a flip-up mounting arm, making it easy to deploy and remove the goggles as needed.

  • For Select Night Vision Goggles
  • Flip-Up Goggle Mount
  • Comfortable Mesh Design

Compatible with: AGM NVG-40 NL1, AGM NVG-40 3NL2, AGM NVG-40 3NW, AGM NVG-40 NL2, AGM NVG-40 3NL1, AGM Wolf-14 NL3, AGM NVG-40 NW, AGM WOLF-14 NL2

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