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Guide TrackIR Thermal Night Vision Promo

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Detect Intruders up to 1000m

Locate Animals and Wildlife with Ease

Key Features

IR Sensor

400x300 IR sensor

35mm/F1.2 Focal Length

≥5h Operating Time

≤50mK NETD

1280×960 HD Display

Smooth Zoom to loacate your target quickly

A Rugged IP-66 Rated Encapsulation

Multiple Image Modes to Highlight the Target

Guide TrackIR 35mm Thermal Night Vision Monocular

The Guide TrackIR 35mm thermal night vision monocular features a 400x300 IR sensor and 1280x960 HD display. The Guide TrackIR series captures sharp thermal imaging at a 50Hz framerate for smooth vision. Designed to increase situational awareness for different scenes, the TrackIR series features adjustable image quality settings, extended zoom capabilities, picture-in-picture functions and more. The Track IR series are encased in a rugged IP-66 rated housing, deliver over 5 hours of battery life, and provide access to multiple software functions allowing for single-handed operation in the toughest conditions, equipping law enforcement professionals, security operators, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts with reliable thermal imaging to see in absolute darkness.

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built Rugged for Professional Use

Guide Track IR35mm
Guide TrackIR 35mm
Guide TrackIR 35mm
Guide TrackIR 35mm
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