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FLIR E8 Pro Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera with Ignite Cloud

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FLIR E8 Pro Industrial Thermal Imaging Camera

The FLIR E8 Pro Infrared Camera features a 320x240 IR resolution and Ignite Cloud integration. With optics always in focus and a large, sharp 640x480 touchscreen, you can see impending failures sooner and capture accurate thermal images effortlessly. Connect to the cloud for automatic image storage, editing, and sharing, while OTA updates keep your camera equipped with the latest features. The rugged, lightweight design and intuitive touchscreen streamline workflow, and FLIR's MSX Image Enhancement technology ensures exceptional thermal imaging details. Make informed decisions with the FLIR E8 Pro.

FLIR E8 Pro Key Features

  • See impending failures sooner with optics always in focus and large, sharp, 640x480 touchscreen.
  • Save time by connecting to the cloud for automatically storing, editing and sharing images in FLIR Ignite or Thermal Studio. OTA (Over The Air) updates will always keep your camera equipped with the latest features.
  • Rugged, reliable, yet lightweight design with power grip for one-handed, point and shoot image capture.
  • Simplify workflow by using the touchscreen to 1-touch level & span, pan and zoom, as well as adding comments to images - automatically inserted into reports.
  • FLIR MSX Image Enhancement provides extraordinary thermal imaging details, with a 5 MP visual camera and LED lamp for improved decision support.


FLIR-patented MSX® (Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging) enhancement provides highly detailed thermal images to help you quickly recognize where a problem is located.


Organize your photos, add detailed notes, and upload them directly to the FLIR Ignite cloud for convenient access from any device.


Share images easily and create advanced client reports in FLIR Ignite or FLIR Thermal Studio.



Industrial Inspections

Industrial inspections

of electrical and equipment

Building Survey Icon

Building Inspections

to ensure energy efficiency

Condition Monitoring Icon

Condition Monitoring

of moving or rotating componentry

MSX® Image Enhancement

All Ex-Series thermal cameras feature FLIR's unique Multi Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX), which adds key details from the onboard visible light camera to the entire infrared image in real time. The result: an all-in-one, undiluted thermal picture with visible light features that lets you instantly recognize where the problematic heat pattern is. MSX is real time so you can see its results immediately in the camera's LCD.


Save time with 1-Touch Level/Span

1-Touch Level/Span allows you to choose a small area of focus in a thermal image - with one touch of the screen - and the camera will auto-adjust the level and span based on the thermal contrast at that spot in the image. The result: time saved on manual adjustments.

Efficient Inspections at Your Fingertips

Add notes from the touchscreen

Featuring a 3.5-inch touchscreen, the FLIR E8 Pro allows you to add detailed annotations to images and save them to the cloud, making it simple to create reports.


Hassle-free data transfer and sharing

  • Desktop Sync eliminates issues created by damaged or missing SD cards and USB cables
  • Secure Data Sharing to trusted team for easy collaboration and reporting
  • Edit Anywhere allows you or coworkers to create reports on mobile devices, on a browser or desktop

Professional Reports that Help Your Customer and Your Business

The right image analysis and reporting software can greatly improve your business by making it easier for your customers to understand the problem and feel confident that you fixed it.

The FLIR Ignite cloud service allows you to back up images directly to the cloud, organize and edit files, and create simple reports. And for advanced editing and reporting, there's FLIR Thermal Studio Suite: a desktop software offering batch processing, feature-rich measurement tools, and customized reports.


Inspection Efficiency

MSX (Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging)

IR image enhanced with visible camera detail

FLIR Ignite

Instant upload to cloud storage over Wi-Fi

FLIR Thermal Studio Suite

Compatible with full range of analysis and reporting

Capacitive Touchscreen

Access to onscreen menus, features, and keyboards

Imaging and Optical

IR Resolution

320 × 240 (76,800 pixels

Thermal Sensitivity/NETD

<0.05°C (0.09°F) / <50 mK


<0.05°C (0.09°F) / <50 mK

Image Frequency

9 Hz

Digital Camera

5 MP

Field of View (FOV)


Minimum Focus Distance

0.36 m (1.18 ft)

Spectral Range

7.5 µm to 13 µm

Measurement & Analysis


±2°C (±3.6°F) or ±2% of reading, for ambient temperature 10°C to 35°C (50°F to 95°F) and object temperature above 0°C (32°F)

Object Temperature Range

-20°C to 550°C (-4°F to 1022°F) in two ranges

Spot Meter

Center spot; box with min/max

User Interface


3.5 in, 640 × 480 color LCD


Bright LED


Battery Operating Time

4 hour

Battery Type

Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery

Environmental & Certifications


UL, CSA, CE, PSE and CCC, WEEE 2012/19/EC, RoHs 2011/65/EC


EN 301 489-1
EN 301 489-17
EN 61000-6-3
EN 61000-6-2
FCC 47 CFR Part 15 Class B

Humidity (Operating and Storage)

IEC 60068-2-30/24 h 95% relative humidity

Operating Temperature Range

IEC 60068-2-30/24 h 95% relative humidity

Storage Temperature Range

-40°C to 70°C (-40°F to 158°F)


Camera Size (L × W × H)

244 mm × 95 mm × 140 mm (9.6 in × 3.7 in × 5.5 in)

Camera Weight (including battery)

0.590 kg (1.30 lb)

List of Contents

nfrared camera, hard transport case, battery (inside camera) + extra battery, USB cable, power supply/ charger with EU, UK, US and Australian plugs, battery charger, FLIR Thermal Studio Starter, and printed documentation

Packaging Size

385 mm × 165 mm × 315 mm (15.2 in × 6.5 in × 12.4 in)

Storage Media

Internal memory and onboard FLIR Ignite™ cloud connectivity (with Wi-Fi)

See What You Can Do With the FLIR E8 Pro


Predictive Maintenance


Check Motors and Belts


Discover Water Damage and Insulation Voids


Find Hidden Hot Spots


Discover Water Damage


Maintain Electrical Equipment

FLIR Care Logo
FLIR Protect Logo

Never Worry About Your Camera Performance Again

Keep your camera going strong with FLIR CARE and FLIR PROTECT. FLIR CARE provides world-class calibration with performance verification and traceable calibration adjustment services that ensure your thermal data is always accurate. FLIR PROTECT extended warranty and service packages provide a full three years of coverage beyond the respective camera’s factory warranty. FLIR PROTECT customers can also receive a bundled calibration service, discounts on additional services, and options for fast-delivered loaner cameras.

FLIR Care & Protect

Simplify workflow and Save Time with FLIR Ignite

FLIR Ignite Workflow

Automatic image backup
Upload over Wi-Fi directly from camera to store images and videos in one place

Image management

Store, edit, report, organize your images in a place where they are always available on all devices

Easy access

Share images and reports with colleagues and clients instantly from any web enabled device

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