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FLIR Kx Series Camera's & Accessories

FLIR Kx Series Camera's & Accessories

The FLIR Kx series is a robust and reliable infrared camera series designed to perform under extremely severe conditions. The FLIR Kx series camera has an intuitive interface with a design that makes it easy to control even with a gloved hand.

Main Features

Robust and reliable. The FLIR Kx series is designed to meet tough operating conditions. It can withstand a drop from 2 m (6.5′) onto a concrete floor, is water resistant to IP67, and is fully operational up to 55°C (135°F).

Innovative. The FLIR Kx series utilizes our patented technology MSX, where a thermal sensor is combined with a visual camera sensor to give detailed image information in many user situations.

Easy-to-use. The FLIR Kx series is easily used in a gloved professional hand. An intuitive and simple user interface allows you to focus on the job. The FLIR Kx series can be controlled by just one large button on top of the unit.

FLIR K-Series thermal imaging cameras have been developed for the most demanding firefighting situations. FLIR offers more thermal imaging cameras than any other manufacturer.

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