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Remote Critical Infrastructure Temperature Monitoring

The TeleEye Temperature eventMAX Solution allows users to instantly manage critical temperature events from FLIR AX8 thermal sensors, via their mobile devices, computers and control rooms. TeleEye specifically designed the Temperature eventMAX Solution to manage temperature events from FLIR AX8 cameras instantly and efficiently from Internet / WAN connected mobile devices. With this intelligent mobile service, users will be alerted immediately through mobile notifications once the temperature events are detected. As such, you can respond to the events swiftly and precisely to minimize or even prevent the losses and damages caused by temperature related incidents. The Solution: FLIR AX8 thermal sensors connected to TeleEye GN Series Video Alarm Verification Servers enable users to view entire scenes of events in seconds by using their mobile device running the TeleEye i-View HD mobile monitoring application for iOS and Android. The Temperature eventMAX Solution is easy to setup, easy to configure and can run over low bandwidth internet connections with dynamic IP’s.

Additional desktop features:

Users making use of the TeleEye sureSIGHT Video Management Software on their PC’s, have the ability to place the cursor around the scene and instantly view the exact temperature at that point. sureSIGHT also provides the ability to view live and recorded footage, interrogate post and live alarm events and extract footage, amongst a wealth of other video management features.



FLIR AX8 is a thermal sensor with imaging capabilities. Combining thermal and visual cameras in a small, affordable package, the AX8 provides continuous temperature monitoring and alarming for critical electrical and mechanical equipment. The AX8 helps you guard against unplanned outages, service interruptions, and equipment failure. You’ll get the benefits of continuous condition monitoring and hot spot detection without the need for periodic manual scans. Compact and easy to install, AX8 provides continuous monitoring of electrical cabinets, process and manufacturing areas, data centers, energy generation and distribution, transportation and mass transit, storage facilities and refrigeration warehouses.