Level II Thermography Certification Training

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The Level II infrared thermography training course is designed for the practicing Level I thermographer who is interested in more advanced infrared training. This infrared training course focuses on strengthening and improving thermography skills for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance applications. Attendees completing Level II infrared course requirements will receive an ITC Level II thermography certification.

Infrared Training Course Benefits

  • Reinforce Level I infrared training concepts with refresher material covering the latest infrared camera, technology and thermal imaging application developments.
  • Avoid costly mistakes - ITC experts review and explain the common misconceptions and misapplications of infrared thermography.
  • Learn the basics of predictive maintenance thermography and overall infrared inspection program development.
  • Refine your image analysis and interpretation proficiency with in-depth thermal imaging survey and measurement techniques for predictive maintenance applications. 
  • Improve your thermal analysis skills with more challenging laboratory and infrared field applications labs.

Level II Topic Outline

  • Introduction
  • Review of Basic IR camera user interface, menu description and navigation, operational tips and tricks and key elements to getting a good IR image
  • Infrared Theory / Radiosity / Applied Radiometrics
  • Heat Transfer Principles
  • Spatial Resolution
  • Camera Workshops / Lab Exercises
  • Software Lab for Image Analysis and Advanced Report Preparation
  • Condition Monitoring Program Development Overview
  • Solving Real World problems in a Condition Monitoring
  • Environment (Applications)
  • Lab Presentations
  • Review
  • Final Exam
  • Exam Review
  • Field Assignment Requirements