ITC offers certification training to recognized standards and is an accredited Authorized Training Organisation (ATO) for the British Institute of Non Destructive Testing (BINDT) as per the requirements of ISO 18436. BINDT is an accredited certification body offering personnel certification against criteria set out in International and European standards.
This course prepares you for qualification as a category 1 certified thermographer. You will learn about the basics of infrared, how to operate the camera under different conditions and for various purposes, how to do an appropriate judgement of the measurement situation in the field and identify potential error sources. You will be able to do IR inspections following written guidelines and to report the result of this inspection.

Introduction to Thermography:

History; benchmarks; applications including electrical, Mechanical, Building, Medical and R&D. Camera technology overview from older scanning systems to modern day FPA’s. Explanation of camera operation and how the camera converts radiation into an image

Heat & Temperature:

Heat and measurement; contact v non-contact temperature measurement. How radiation is converted into temperature and an introduction to heat transfer.

Infrared Theory Basics:

Scientific Laws relating to : conduction, convection, radiation, black bodies, Transmission Emissivity, Reflectivity & Calibration. Practical demonstration of these heat transfer modes with follow up theory

Measurement Techniques:

Atmospheric & Environmental considerations including
Distance, humidity, air temp and Reflected Apparent Temperature. How to measure them and setup the camera correctly

Basic Heat transfer theory:

Temperature definition and measurement, thermodynamics, heat and temperature, heat transfer, conduction, convection and radiation.

Camera Measurement tools:

A look at cross hair measurement, Area box/ circle, color alarms and specific dew point and insulation alarms

Camera/Software familiarization:

Hands-on camera experience throughout the course. Camera practice using portable simulated labs; integration of images with Reporting software; creation of reports.

ITC Certification Test:

ITC qualification (50 question multiple choice test) to be held on last day of course.


Recommended Reading:
Recommended Reading Principles and Practice Volume one Thermography
ISBN 0903132338
Applications Volume Two Thermography
ISBN 090313232x


ITC level 1 course dates RSA 2019

  • 18 to 22 February 2019 ITC Level 1 Thermography Johannesburg
  •   8 to 12 July 2019 ITC Level 1 Thermography Johannesburg
  • 18 to 22 November 2019 ITC Level 1 Thermography Johannesburg
  •   7 to 11 October 2019 ITC Level 2 Thermography Johannesburg

Minimum number of delegates is 10, maximum is 15.
Additional dates can be scheduled also in different cities but on request
In order to get the maximum benefit from ITC courses most students find it beneficial to work with their own camera. If possible bring your IR camera and laptop to the course.

The level 1 course can be run onsite anywhere within RSA and is classed as a group booking. If you would like to find out more about the onsite training including pricing and availability contact your distribution partner.
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ITC Certification training courses are in line with the ISO 18436-7 Standard and include Comprehensive hands on labs and workshops designed to engage and challenge the student. Recognizing the importance of student involvement, our instructors use live demonstrations and individualized labs to recreate real-world situations. Continued reinforcement of class topics helps students make the connection between thermal science and application practice.

It is during these exercises that students learn how to get the most out of their thermal image and discover its true value and capabilities.

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