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FLIR DM62/DM64/DM66 - Digital Multimeters

R 2,999.00
Please contact one of our consultants to pre-order this product.
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FLIR DM62/DM64/DM66 - Digital Multimeters

R 2,999.00
Please contact one of our consultants to pre-order this product.


FLIR’s new line of digital multimeters provides rich features to help you troubleshoot faster and more efficiently, and stay safe while you work. Whether your application is HVAC or electrical—we have the right meter for you.



The FLIR DM166 is a must-have tool for commercial electricians, automation, electronics, and HVAC technicians. Featuring Infrared Guided Measurement (IGM) that's powered by a built-in 80 x 60 FLIR thermal imager, the DM166 visually guides you to the precise location of potential problems. It includes the essential measurement features you demand from a multimeter including True RMS AC/DC voltage and current, non-contact voltage detection, VFD mode, and more. The DM166 is the most affordable multimeter with built-in thermal imaging to date.



Work quickly and comfortably thanks to user-friendly design, intuitive interface, and enhanced ergonomics.



The DM66 is ideal for automation field service or electronics technicians, providing a comprehensive feature set including low impedance (LoZ) mode, frequency, diode, capacitance, and a Type K thermocouple input for temperature measurement. The multimeter combines rich features, precise measurements, and quality construction into a tool of exceptional value.



Identify energized and potentially faulty equipment from a safe distance, thanks to the IGM capability of the DM166. Non-contact voltage detection allows you to test safely with the DM66, DM64, and DM62.



The FLIR DM64 is the right choice for professionals who install, inspect, and maintain HVAC systems. It includes microamp measurement to test flame sensors, LoZ mode, measures capacitance and frequency, and features a Type K thermocouple input for temperature measurement. It is easy to use and built to last, offering long-term stability and quality making it ideal for field use.



FLIR digital multimeters are all-in-one tools that are built to last. Each meter is drop-tested, IP rated, and protected under FLIR's XXX warranty.



The DM62 has essential measurement features including True RMS AC/DC voltage and current, non-contact voltage detection, VFD mode, and extended voltage measurement range up to 600 V. Whether you're a commercial electrician, electronics technician, or just need the right tool for DIY, the DM62 provides precise measurements and quality construction for everyday use.




DM166 Featuring IGM™

A built-in 80 x 60 resolution thermal camera sensor visually guides you to an electrical problem

Range of Measurement Options

Includes True RMS, VFD mode, and more

The Test Tools You Need

Comes with high-quality test leads and a Type K thermocouple* input (DM166 and DM64)

Smart design and functionality

Intuitive user interface and high-quality design, with flashing backlight and audible indicators

Safe and Durable

Drop-tested, with a CAT IV-300 V, CAT III-600 V safety category rating


The DM166 offers 10 years of protection on the product and detector, while FLIR offers its Limited Lifetime Warranty for the DM62, DM64, and DM66



Model Number FLIR DM166 FLIR DM66/DM64/DM62
Thermal Imaging
IR Resolution 60 × 80 pixels (4,800 pixels)  –  –  –
Thermal Image Palettes Rainbow, iron, gray scale  –  –  –
Temperature Range –10 to 150°C (14 to 302°F)  –  –  –
Focus Fixed  –  –  –
Electrical Measurements  
True RMS Yes
  Range Basic Accuracy Range Basic Accuracy
AC / DC Voltage 600.0 V ±0.7% / ±0.5% 600.0 V ±1.0% / ±0.4%
AC / DC mVolt 600.0 mV ±1% / ±0.5%  600.0 mV  ±1.0% / ±0.4%
VFD AC Voltage  600.0 V RMS ±1.0%  600.0 V RMS ±1.0%
AC / DC Amperage 10.00 A ±1.0% / ±0.7% 10.00 A ±1.5% / ±1.0%
AC / DC mAmp 600.0 mA ±1.0% / ±0.7%  600.0 mA  ±1.0% / ±0.7%
AC / DC µAmp 4000 µA ±1.5%  6000µA   ±1.5% / ±1.0%
Resistance   600.0 Ω
600.0 kΩ
6.000 MΩ
60.00 MΩ
6.00 kΩ
600.0 kΩ
60.00 MΩ
Capacitance  200.0 nF
200.0 µF
2.000 mF
10.00 mF
200.0 nF
2000 µF
10.00 mF
(DM64, 66 only)
AC / DC LoZ V     600.0 V (DM64, 66 only) ±2.0%
Diode Test 3.000 V ±0.9% 3.000 V ±0.9%
Frequency Range 99.99 kHz ±1.0% 99.99 kHz ±1.0%
Continuity Check Between 30 Ω and 480 Ω
Thermocouple –40 to 752.0°F DMM ± (1.0% + 3°F), –40 to 400°C DMM ± (1.0% + 1.5°C)
Additional Data
Safety Category Rating IEC 61010-1, CAT III-600V, CAT IV-300V
IP Rating IP40
Auto Power Off Yes
Drop Test 3 m 2 m
Warranty 10 yrs on product and detector Limited lifetime warranty